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Sunday, March 18, 2012

FNSI & The Name Game Swap Quilt For Me!

It was great to get back in to Friday night sewing. Our recent heat waves in Perth & lack of Footy to watch on TV has meant my favourite sewing night has been quite unproductive over summer. That is all about to change & this is what I got up to last Friday;

Tacking ready to needleturn applique around my house block for the Some Kind Of Wonderful Quilt stitch a long,

Cutting & pinning ready for sewing on a secret project,

Sewing the start of a hoot of a bag for a little friend,

I also received my Name Game Swap Quilt from Bea Lea in North Carolina. Imagine having to make up a quilt depicting Quilt Kitty Loves Life, sounds complicated to me. Bea did a beautiful job & much to my delight showed my furboys in it. It is simply purrrfect and received top marks from all 3 judges here at Quilt Kittyville. Brutus particularly liked the quilted fish in the border.

This is what I put on my details form
I want it to have the name Quilt Kitty Loves Life but if it suits they can add the names of the Board of Directors - Tracee (CEO), Brutus (Head Gray & CFO - approves all fabric purchases), Honey (Head Ginger & Quality Control - approves all products made).
so poor Bea was trawling through my blog trying to see what colour the Tracee cat is. In future I should be clearer & put I am CEO & Human Cat Wrangler to make it clearer.

Lucky Bea received her quilt from our delightful Melody from The House On The Side Of The Hill. If you click on Bea's name above you can go to her blog & see Melody's sweet quilt too. Bea is an amazing quilter, lots of complicated piecing, a published designer, a Long Arm Quilter & has won International Awards.

So that's the end of another great swap thanks to Anorina from Samelia's Mum so now it's on to planning my Friends With Benefits project & then get moving on my Christmas Angel Swap projects. So many projects so little time. As all good finance people do, I've called in another of my best friends 'Excel' & started a spreadsheet to keep me on target.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Wow, Bea did a great job of the quilt, the pussy cats are so cute.

  2. cute bag Tracee and lovely SKOW block,well done for your FNSI.
    Lovely name wallhanging you received Tracee.xx

  3. I love all the goodies you are making and what a cute name picture you got....

  4. Such a lovely name quilt. Bea has done a wonderful job.

  5. How funny. I'm sure you would look really cute with whiskers and a tail. Bea did a great job - it just wouldn't have been right without the amazing Brun and Honey.


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