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Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Dress Up Your Roll Comp Entry

My loo roll is sooooo pretty, it's so pretty, it's so witty, how pretty it is!

Yes, my entry for the Dress Up Your Roll challenge is finished & so pretty it has me singing. I also feel like I should be wearing one of those gone with the wind dresses & carrying a parasol while swaying from side to side but the line has to be drawn somewhere. That corsetting would be far to hot to wear on a 39 degree day in Perth!

Quilt Jane from Want It, Need It Quilt is running this fun little competition to find unique ways to gussy up the spare loo roll. The range of entries on the Flickr group page is just amazing, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa (very fitting!), to an Angry Bird, a Sock Monkey, foundation priced roses to the men & womens toilet sign. Check them out, they are fantastic. A lot of very creative ideas.

I decided to use my leftovers from my All My Lovely Sewing Things wall hanging (by Val Laird) I finished in August last year. It was made with a charm pack of Breakfast at Tiffany's by Fig Tree & fittingly purchased from Quilt Jane's shop. Her prices for precuts are seldom beaten, so check it out. I just saw Vintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille charm packs for $10 each.

I only used half of each charm squares so had just enough left for my roll cover. I decided not to use the blue & just stick with the creamy, orangey colours with the deep chocolate brown to provide a lift. So having 2.5 x 5 inch strips available, I decided to cut them in half & sew up 7 strips then cut them into 1.25 widths to make lots & lots of little squares, about 140 - what was I thinking!

I didn't stress about matching corners like normal, just sewed them together haphazardly. There is not enough stress available in the world to have matched up all those little squares! I then added an olive green top & made a drawstring bag. So here's my Patchwork Pumpkin!

I figure I can put a scary face on it for Halloween! But the vision was not finished there. The pumpkin was about to get a makeover & be made into something of floral sophistication befitting Fig Tree Fabrics. The addition of a matching handmade flower brooch made all the difference. I used creamy yellow fabric that toned in with the charm pack & a little left over square from the charm pack to cover the button & tie it all together.

I can't believe it - it turned out even better than I planned, so good I want to show it off. I figure once a  month I will bare the loo roll again & use it is a carry bag for my mug & badge for when I go to WA Quilters Guild sewing nights.

Did I mention - I love my flower! I made it last night while watching the movie Sweeney Todd. Johnny Depp in a musical - mmmm - at least he got to dress up as strangley as always but that movie contains more blood than Dexter! Not one of JD's better movies.

The Dress Up Your Roll Competition doesn't close until 1st April so there is still time to enter and there is a $100 voucher to Jane's shop up for grabs (The Fat Quarter shop if you are overseas). Details are all here on Jane's blog.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. that is so cute.... but I gotta laugh, all that work for a toilet paper roll?! ha ha

  2. I hope you win Tracee its fantastic,well done,hey how do i go about getting a slide like you have please Tracee.xx

  3. Tracee that is awesome, and the flower just sets it off perfectly....

    good luck..

  4. That is one gorgeous toilet roll cover and definitely deserves to be used as a mug holder too! Love the flower.

  5. Good luck Tracee...that is one amazing loo roll holder...

  6. Good luck, It certainly is very pretty, those colours are so me & I love the idea of a very versatile roll cover, when not in use put a mug in it hee hee.

  7. I love your toilet roll cover. Too pretty for the loo! It will make a lovely mug bag. Good luck!


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