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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stitching Up A Storm....

Hand stitching that is & maybe less of a storm & more so just a passing front that I hope will lead to big things...

When at my most frenzied I always revert back to knitting & scarves, due to no thought required but accomplishing something. Here's the model of the family Hermione with the most recent creations;

At last Spotlight had in a few balls of the black Honeycomb yarn though I had to get the one with the bobbles on it. I stopped myself from knitting until the end of the ball too so this scarf doesn't quite hang to my knees like the others of this type do.

My new favourite, another single ball of wool from Spotlight & Moda Vera. The pattern was on the band & the wool is soft & elasticated. The colours in this one are just perfect for me. I went looking for more but they only have a blue one left & I really wanted girly colours for a change.

Needless to say in the rush of 9-10 hour working days I had forgotten how relaxing I find hand stitching so am pleased to now be stitching again on a regular basis.

Now for the projects that have resulted from my rediscoved stitching joy!

Lovely Leanne from Lizzie the Quilter & I did  birthday swap & not long ago I did a post on my gorgeous tumbler table runner & other gifts I received. Yesterday was Leanne's birthday & below are the pressies I sent her.

A little felt friendship heart with lots of baby buttons & pretty fabric.

The main present was a mini wall hanging that came with its own wire stand. The stitchery is an enlargement of Natalie Bird's True Friends stitchery from her Red Home Book. A few borders & a nice little peeper and this is the end result.

I was so happy (& relieved!) when the stands arrived from the USA in time to post Leanne's parcel to her. I meant to order them weeks ago when I did the Welcome mini swap, run by Cheryl of Gone Stitchin but didn't get around to it so fingers & toes were crossed they would get here in time for the birthday. The parcel did get to Tassie in time & Leanne posted she is very happy with the present. A great swap between friends - thanks again Leanne! xx

As for my stands (yes plural - quite a few of them & lots of headers), I will take pics when I have a mini quilt to show off on them. My Welcome Swap quilt has never been sent to me & sadder still I never got a thank you or even an acknowledgment for my birdy quilt.

Never mind, as I well know life sometimes gets in the way of crafting, so I am busy stitching my own mini quilt also with the birdy theme. Here's a peek & when I finish it I will post pics of my lovely hangers.

Happy Fathers Day to all our men!

Tracee xx


  1. I just love the mini you made and the birdie one was so cute too - what a pity you never got a thank you or one specially for you! lovely knitting too...
    Glad you are finding some time for fun stitching again....

  2. Your stitching and knotting is delightful. Can't wait to catch up when you are in Victoria.

  3. I love what you made for Leanne! I was only chatting to Leanne for the first time at a stitchery day yesterday, and she is the lovliest lady!!!
    Beautiful scarves and how cute is your model!!!lol

  4. What a lovely little quilt you sent to Leanne and the one you are making looks interesting too..great knitting projects..that is really sad to hear that you didn't get thanked for the other birdie one you sent or worse that the one for you never doesn't take long to your stand a cream one?? if so where did you get it from??

  5. so glad you have found your sewing mojo again Tracee,love the projects you make and these two are no exception,have you let Chez know about your welcome one Tracee,who was it?.xx

  6. Your scarves are lovely Tracee, they look so warm and cosy.
    My gifts are just beautiful, I LOVE the quilt frame, I have never seen anything like it and as you can imagine it looks amazing in my new sewing room, the felt heart of so pretty. Thankyou so very much my friend. Are you up for a birthday swap again next year?

  7. My doesn't Hermione look stylish in her scarves! Youve been so busy. I spied your lovely gifts tomLeanne on her blog...and she was thrilled. I'll be looking forward to seeing your birdy project...the stitching of this is so sweet.

    Thanks for joining in Sew-Happy Sunday :)

  8. So much loveliness! You've been busy. That frame looks fantastic - I must research.

  9. Lovely minis there and I cant wait to see the one that you are working on. Very disappointing that you didn't get you welcome mini and a thank you for the one you made :( hugs

  10. Love it. You've got your hands full with these little projects. I adore them all.
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  11. What beautiful gifts you sent to Leanne. The mini quilt looks lovely on it's stand. How disappointing about your Welcome mini quilt.

  12. Somebunny's been busy have some fun! Love everything!xx

  13. beautiful stitching and knitting. love the gifts you made for leanne. it is also very disheartening when a swap partner doesnt even acknowledge that they didnt have time to make something or to get it finished on time. life does get in the way sometimes but its a curtesy of letting your partner know it is coming eventually that seems to be lacking. it doesnt take much to email someone. thankfully the few embroidery swaps i have been involved in have been great but the scrapbooking ones i used to host were a nightmare lol

  14. Your projects are gorgeous Tracee, I love the mini quilt and the new project looks beautiful too.


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