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I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul. - Jean Cocteau

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Welcome Mini

Here is my gorgeous Welcome Mini sent to me by Larrissa from Crafty God Chick. In the parcel as well as the Welcome Wall-hanging is a gorgeous knitted washer/flannel, some mint & lavender tea (might calm me down over Christmas???) and two lots of ymmy choccies, Lindor & Guylian.

Larissa very thoughtfully put my precious Little Brunnie & Hun-bun in my welcome hanging & lets face the facts, they are the owners & therefore welcomers to the house. The stitching is exquisite Larissa & I love paisley so it is deemed PURRFECT by all three of us. Thanks very much!

Another gorgeous addition to my little mini collection, looking forward to more next year if you are up to it Swap Muma Chez??? Thanks for all your hard work with this club Chez, we all have had such fun and have beautiful minis to decorate our homes with thanks to you! xx

Happy Days!
Tracee xxx


  1. Gorgeous little mini, the cats are perfect.

  2. gorgeous mini trace,love your boys on it,makes it all the more special.xx

  3. Just beautiful. So lovely to see your feline friends in fabric.
    Michelle x

  4. So glad that you love it ... and once again - terribly sorry it was so late!!

  5. Well it was worth the wait... it's gorgeous! Perfect for the three of you !! Merry Christmas... and yes we'll be back in 2013 with more mini's. :)

  6. Gorgeous mini .... love the button embellishment.

  7. It is a gorgeous mini especially with your two furries included.

  8. That is totally adorable and SO YOU! How precious!!!

  9. A beautiful mini !!! Just for the three of you !

  10. How very thoughtful and appropriate to pop the real kings of the castle front and centre on this mini! I'm not surprised they were impressed :)


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