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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birthday Love Stash Presents

I have joined up this year with Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts for her Birthday Stash Love group to try & keep on top of birthdays, occasions & presents I want to make & get out on time. So far things are not actually making it into my present stash box, just being finished & into the postbag for mailing. 

First there was the mug rug for Uncle Gordon. I did a sneaky on this one too. Twice I have had money stolen out of cards I have sent from Perth to Nelson in NZ so learnt the hard way that the days of doing that are long gone. This time I put a temporary label on the back of the mug rug & put $50 behind it before I sewed it on. Then I sent my cousin the secret instructions to snip the stitches on the label  to recover the rest of the present. Uncle Gordon was very happy to get $60 NZ when he went to the bank. He will be 90 next year so better start planning that pressie...

You may have seen this next present on Mel's blog (The House On The Side Of The Hill) already. Sneaky Melody opened her present early as her birthday is today, Sunday but hey every day is worth celebrating. I'm celebrating the fact the parcel got to Mel on time & that she loves it.

I was pleased how this applique turned out. I saw a picture of a similar applique months ago & instantly thought Mel! so kept it ready for Mel's birthday gift. She loves her little girly-whirlies so much (& Max) so there can be no better home for a pretty pup than at Mel's house on the hill. Her little eyes turned out really well.

 She sat on my cutting table in the laundry for a week before I got to make the cushion & every time I walked past I could see her pleading with me - is it time to go to Mels yet? I'm sure she looks happier now she is there. Little Brunnie was a bit worried too - 'why you stitching a pup muma?' until he heard it was for Aunty Mel. Happy Birthday again Melody! xxx Jump over & wish Mel happy birthday if you haven't already.

My scarf from the last post can rest in my present box for two weeks while I make the next gift then it will be in a postbag too. February used to be a big month for birthday's for my family with my mum & Aunty celebrating 5 days apart. Now they have both passed it feels like I am forgetting something even though February looks pretty busy on my to-do list so far. 

And to think I was just looking at another BOM on Wendy's blog - check it out on the link at the top. There is a choice of applique or stitchery and being an Aussie quilt it looks to be a beauty. Might have to try to fit it in, though I so want to get a few UFO's to stop circling planet Quiltkitty
 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 (Brunnie's helping - think that means 'Hi friends'. Or he's smarter than I think and sending messages in binary code) 0011111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Sew many beautiful gifts you have made and sent..
    I am sure Uncle Gordon was very happy with his gift....

  2. You are a wonderful gift giver! Love the pillow, I will have to go over and wish Mel a happy birthday. From here it would be a day early! So I will be sure to be on time. lol I finally got my Saturday post up of what I managed to get cut last night. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Gorgeous gifts and no wonder Melody loved her cushion,what's not to love! I'll just pop over and wish her a very early happy birthday for today :) Barb.

  4. Aren't you the clever one Tracee. Great idea about the label. That parrot has been to my house, haha. Sharyn:)

  5. Great gifts. The cushion for Mel is very cute!

  6. You've been busy! Love Mels cushion! And such a sneaky one (in a good way) with your uncles gift! Well thought out! :)

  7. The cushion you made Mel is just gorgeous Tracee. I can't wait to see it in person.

  8. hello Brunnie glad you are helping muma.
    I cant wait to see Mels cushion either,its so life like and i cant believe people taking money out of the envelopes,and what a clever idea to hide some in the label,you are a clever girl Trace,have a good day with your boys my friend.xx

  9. Hi Tracee,
    What a great idea to get those presents done before or on
    time. I love your applique cushions and the way the stitching
    has been done on the dog is just super. Great going girl.
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. I saw your lovely applique on Mels blog.. it's just awesome... maybe Brunnie would like to do program designing...

  11. I know Mel totally loved her pressie! Everything is wonderful!
    That cartoon with the parrot made me laugh so hard!

  12. Such a lovely post, everything you have been making is lovely, especially love the cushion you made Melody. And the knitted scarf is great. Ha, ha, love Brunnie's helping, our Barney tries that too! Hugs Wendy

  13. Sooooooo glad I don't' have a parrot Lol! Great idea for your Uncles $$$$$$ and his gift. Lovely gift for Mel.

  14. These gifts look soooo good Tracee....and I'm sure Mel's going to love her gorgeous pup!!! Just poifect! And the idea for the hidden money pocket...superb!! My neice had money stolen from her card right out of her letterbox!!! disgusting!!! But people do it!...sad! :(
    Glad my pussycato doesn't know binary code yet!!! LOL
    xox big hugs
    Wendy :O)

  15. Very sweet puppy. Lucky Melody.
    Nice scarf for some lucky person.

  16. You really have been busy gift making. Love the cushion you made for Melody and the mug rug with 'hidden' value for Uncle was a really sneaky idea. I've had cash disappear in the post too... I'll have to try your tactic. Love the scarf.. looks really warm and cozy.


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