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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Girls Own Stitching Club

Hi all, well winter had almost come to Perth - well our version of winter anyway. Last night the low  Sunday night was forecast to be 8 degrees & all highs for the next few days around 18-19. Today they are saying 22-24 highs for the next week and 8-11 lows. Winter just does not want to come to Perth, not bone jarring, lots of layers, teeth chattering winter anyway.
In celebration of it almost being winter here, the last two days I have worn a scarf to work anyway. I think I am hoping to entice Jack Frost to make a visit to our big sandy state. I knitted a new scarf in March (wishful thinking) but didn't share it so here it is. The close up pic is better for actual colour.

Have you seen the new Girls Own Stitching Club that Bronwyn Hayes from Red Brolly is hosting on her blog? I love Bronwyn's designs and along side patterns from mags or that I buy, I do many of the freebies she generously gives out so am ín like Flynn' with this one too.

I like the old world charm of the flower design and the thought of learning a few new stitches along the way. It helps to pick up hints & tips from one of the best stitchers in the business.

Here's my version of the first design;

The nice muted colours are really tickling my fancy as was the chance to use this background fabric. It is a gorgeous subtle floral in a soft kakhi green hue.
The club only started on 25th April with this design & there is 8 more to go so plenty of time to join in now. At the end we will have a lovely stitchery quilt to show for our lessons also. To check it out and download the free pattern, go to the Red Brolly blog post.
It's thanks to mum for the above phrases like ín like Flynn' and 'tickled my fancy'. I find this year as Mothers Day approaches I am really missing my mum & my Aunty, both of my strong maternal figures (& Brutus of course, he always gave the best Mothers Day gifts - thanks again to mum for buying them for him to give!). I've even been dreaming about them - yes Brutus too but he was with mum so where he needs to be now.

On a brighter note - Happy Mothers Day to all my dear friends out there who are mums, and/or are celebrating with your mums and deserve a good spoiling! Big smooch from me. xx
I'm off now to get my hair cut. Cooler weather & twice a week in the pool means shorter hair so easier to dry & less dribbles down my neck as I drive home wrapped in a towel & wearing sheepskin slippers at 7.45pm. It's a sight to behold! Maybe I'll have a chat to Hun-bun and ask him if he has any pocket money left & should I pick up a Mothers Day gift for me while I'm at the shops...

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. lovely post Trace and you would be right at home here it has been freezing though yesterday was a beautiful day and today isnt to bad.xx

  2. Red Brolly is a lovely site and your new stitchery is beautiful. Hope you got something nice for yourself and you have a lovely day tomorrow! Hugs Wendy

  3. And a very HaPPy Mothers Day to you too! Keep warm...bbberrrrrrr!

  4. Gorgeous stitching...Happy Mothers Day...x

  5. Hope hun-bun had enough left for a box of Lindt chocolates lol. My two did. Beautiful stitchery and love the scarf. I am hanging out for rain and cold days to cosy up inside. Never worn shorts and tshirt in May before, its just ridiculous

  6. I love the ribbon yarn in your scarf. I am lucky that my mum is still fit and well. Hubby shouted us lunch so just mum and I went to one cafe for lunch then I had to go to the bank so we had coffee and cake at another cafe. It felt like we were on holiday. That was Thursday. Just tea at home today. Hope hunbun comes up with a nice gift for you :)

  7. Lovely stitchery and scarf, enjoy your Mother's Day!

  8. I love Bronwyn Hayes!!!! Nice work.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Thanks Tracee, After seeing those sweet poppies over at Red Brollie there is now another SAL on my list.


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