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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mrs Martin's Mothers Day Swap

Our latest swap with my partner Glenys in the Mrs Martin's Let's Celebrate year long swap was the Mothers Day Swap. Glenys & I seem to be getting pretty good at picking some things that are favourites for each other without being told. Glenys doesn't have a blog so picking the hazelnut chocolate and sewing notion fabrics on my behalf were just good luck but she has also been able to work out a few key things about me that I haven't blogged about.
I always have a travel cup of tea, coffee or herbal tea (depends on how tired I am & how virtuous I am trying to be) in the car for going too & from work. I don't drink enough most of the time so this is a way to up my intake especially in the cooler months when I find it harder to drink water. I have two travel cups that I alternate & last Wednesday I dropped one & now it comes apart. That's not a good thing when it contains hot liquids & I pick it up while driving without looking at it. I stuck it back together a bit but it's not long for this world. Thursday the parcel below arrived from Glenys - I think it should be called 'a spoil me' pack!
A new ceramic travel mug, a knitted mug cosy (see the pink peeking out) and a patchwork mug cosy on top. It came with the matching mug rug in the bright & happy colours I love. As you can see there is a little box of coffees and what ...... well it used to be....... some shortbread and some Ferrero Rocher chocolates. I think maybe I have mice, ........ or Hun-bun has learnt to open packets....... or maybe seeing it is 5 days later I might have eaten them over the weekend while watching footy & be blocking it out of my mind! 
Yes but that was not all. Glenys brought me two gorgeous treats from Mrs Martin's shop. The first is an adorable Theodora Cleeve quilt shop button and the second a beautifully crafted card which includes part of a doily, an applique cupcake with beautiful embellishments. It's one of those beautiful cards that can stay on show for a long time. Thank you Glenys, I love all of my parcel!
Here's what I sent to Glenys. A stitchery from The Birdhouse - Happiness is having a Mothers Love. Glenys is now getting the idea that I am a stitchery queen and that by the end of this swap (5 more ocassions) that she will be well & truly totally stitcheried out by my gifts!
Some gorgeous thimble fabric & matching thread and a block of Lindt Hazelnut chocolate. Now that is missing from the photos, not because I ate it this time but because I brought it on the way to the Post Office. If I brought it earlier, it no doubt wouldn't have made the parcel..... Hun-bun opening packets again maybe.....
So a big thank you to our swap muma, Karen from Mrs Martins Quilt Shop & to Glenys for her lovely gifts.
Now I need to go trace a new, tiny stitchery that I have found as a freebie that is perfect for my kitchen. Another one of my secret bad habits will be out once I post a pic of the end result....
Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Beautiful gifts were both sent and received.
    Lucky ladies. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day..

  2. All the gifts look gorgeous, the card you were given looks interesting! Love the stitchery you made, perfect!! Hugs Wendy

  3. You have both sent each other some lovely gifts.

  4. Beautiful gifts sent and rec'd. Well done ladies. hugs

  5. beautiful gifts both sent and received Trace and lol you are like me i have just worked out that i dont get the chocolate until i am ready to send it,because i am weak and eat it,lol.xx

  6. Such gorgeous swap pressies!!!!

  7. Lots of very yummy gifts between you Tracee

  8. what beautiful swap goodies. Have been catching up on all your lovely crafting. You have been busy!

  9. lovely gifties Tracee...

  10. So many lovely things swapped. You are going to have to keep a closer eye on that Hun bun.

  11. You both sent delightful gifts.


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