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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Presents for....

.... a special little girl! My friend Frank is now Grandpa to this gorgeous little girl, Neve, born Friday 14th June 2013. It's one of those special, straight after all the action pics, even before they make them all pretty wrapped in a blankie. Three weeks early she is only a tiny little possum.

Grandpa wants to know when they iron the wrinkles out - but he is known for naughty comments. He can't wait to head East later next week to see his little granddaughter.

So I have been making a few things for this little miss. We didn't know what sex baby was going to be so had to go the unisex route with the knitting. The set I knitted is in beautiful merino wool (a Spotlight special) so super soft & pretty. A jacket, hat & booties pattern came from the book Baby and Toddler Knits Made Easy - see on my right side bar.

She is also getting two of my earlier made stuffies - the little bunny on the left, perfect for a little lady and the happy helicopter because her daddy / Frank's son is a helicopter pilot.

Also little Neve is getting this special blanket my mum gave to me, hoping in vein that it would prompt the arrival of her own grandchild. Unfortunately it was going to take more than just a beautiful, delicate blanket to make that happen so I'm sure mum would love the thought of little Neve being wrapped up in it. Look at the beautiful knitting. Mum didn't knit it, she won it in a raffle at a retirement home where some talented knitter must have spent many hours making it.  A wonderful example of a really clever knitter.

I had also cut out a baby quilt for baby X but have been avoiding it as it wasn't just right, being another unisex choice. I will make it up later as it is more suited to a baby boy and little Neve may end up with a brother one day soon.... In the mean time, there is some quick cutting happening to make a girly baby quilt out of pinwheels and pretty thread.

Happy days!
Tracee xx


  1. Beautiful gifts for the new baby Tracee, they are lovely.

  2. congrats Frank,its pretty special being a grand parent ,enjoy ,she is a little sweetie,love your knitting Trace i will check that book out and you are right that blanket is so gorgeous,what a wonderful gift,enjoy her Trace.xx

  3. Ohhh so very precious! And your gifts are lovely too...especially as they were made with LoVe ! :)

  4. Oh she looks so tiny. Beautiful gifts Tracee. hugs

  5. Oh what a precious little one Neve is..
    You have made her a lovely knitted set and some nice soft toys.
    I am sure your Mum will love to have Neve wrapped in the beautiful shawl.
    Enjoy making a nice girly quilt.

  6. Beautiful gifts for a tiny wee one.

  7. So many lovely gifts for this tiny little baby !!

  8. Congratulations!
    Gorgeous gifts for a sweet little girl :o)

  9. Oh how lovely and what gorgeous gifts you have made for her.... very sweet little new baby picture...

  10. All the gifts for Neve are lovely. What a pretty name!

  11. What a cute little baby. You might have
    to stick Grandpa in the naughty corner!!
    lol. Beautiful knitting chick!!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  12. Such a beautiful little baby. Your gifts are gorgeous too.

  13. Oh Tracee.....she's just perfect isn't she???? and what a gorgeous name!!!! You forget how tiny they are but boy, I bet her wrinkles have filled out already! Can imagine how chuffed grandad is!!!! Love your gifties.....I bet both mum and lil Neve will be wrapt in the thoughts gone into your gifts! Just so precious!
    love and sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xox

  14. Such beautiful and generous gifts.

  15. What a sweet little newborn photo, and all your gifts are gorgeous Tracee. Love your knitting, hugs Wendy

  16. What a precious bundle! Your gifties are just splendid - that knitted blanket is a wonder and so is your layette. Lovely!

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  17. Oh my what a precious little one! Love all the pressies you made.

  18. wow Miss Neve is going to receive such a gorgeous parcel of handmade gifts.


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