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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Op Shops & Soap Making

Saturday I spent an hour going to three of the local op shops in & around Joondalup, North of Perth. I was looking for a stick blender for soap making, but more about that later.

I also wanted a frame to put my mum's family photo in that I showed on my last Tuesday Treasures. No longer will it wallow face down in my desk drawer. Naturally I took no measurements but found something I thought might work. I found this poor abandoned craft work in a 3 dimensional frame for the bargain price of $5.99.

So Friday night I attacked it with a paring knife, cut the box piece off the back, remounted it flat, cleaned glass & frame and as luck would have it, the photo fitted perfectly. Now it's not exactly what I wanted so I will keep an eye out for a more antique frame befitting a 1938 family photograph but it is now safe & able to be be proudly displayed. A bit of new tape on the back & on to the shelf in the lounge where I will see & admire it most days.

My second purchase is a huge BARGAIN! 800 grams of 8 ply wool in it's original balls for $9.50 in a lovely cream colour.

But not just any wool - 800g of 100% wool from the Bendigo Woolen Mills - ahhh bliss!!!

So I didn't end up with a stick blender from the op shops but am very happy with my two purchases. I then stopped at Crazy Clarkes & got a stick blender for $10. So that is the start of my soap making kit.

Last Saturday week I attended a soap making class. I love this style of learning in someones home where you also socialise, eat yummy food and learn a new sustainable option to avoid chemicals & other nasties.

Previously I have done 2 cheese making classes with The Cheesemaker. They no longer run these from home - too popular - but a day out with Pam & Tanya and hands on cheese making is fun no matter where the venue.

So we met at Lee's lovely home and first made a soap using supermarket ingredients, so not expensive or hard to source. Mine looks rather like a banana choc pie don't you think??? The base is coloured with cocoa, the centre with red palm oil & the top with coffee grounds. A few drops of your favourite essential oils & I have soap pie!

We then made a bottle of liquid soap. Mine is a totally addictive lime, coconut & avocado blend that I can't stop sniffing. After a gorgeous lunch we made a batch of olive oil cupcake soaps. I choose to use a peppermint essense for fragrance. The olive oil gave the mix a great lemon colour but then I split my mix in two and used red clay to give my cupcakes pink/red icing.

So I can say there is nothing difficult to soap making at all. No, wait a minute, yes there is! The difficult part is - now I have to wait at least four weeks for the soap to cure otherwise they are soft & will just wash away on use. So the soaps are up high, away from my line of sight (as they look too much like food & get my hopes up) & away from furry toungues that might just like a lick too.

So next Saturday it is back to Lee's place to do her Skincare Class. Lee does not currently have a web site but if you are in Perth & would like details of the course, email me & I will send you her flyers.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. your soap looks great..yummy even..Oh wow that frame was just perfect good score,cheers Vickie

  2. Ahhh!!! Another soap maker. I love your soaps ... they look awesome. I, too, dabble in this art form, though I haven't done much for a while. I prefer liquid soap making. :D

  3. tracee this looks like a lot of fun ,wished i lived in Perth,lol.

  4. Hi Tracee,
    Fabulous bargains, the frame looks great with your picture. The soap making sounds like lots of fun.

  5. Love you op shopping. Great frame for a lovely old photo.... Those soaps look good enough to eat. :)

  6. What terrific soaps! I thought some of them were desserts until I read your post. lol I'm visiting all the blogs that joined in my giveaway a few weeks ago. I enjoyed your blog so much I'm adding it to my blog list. 8)

    Susan in Texas

  7. Great bargains, Tracee. Love the frame, and that wool -WOW!
    Your soap cupcakes look very realistic and yummy1 :)

  8. I just wanted to eat them - now I'm hungry! They look great and what great bargains!! Love it!


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