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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Perth Craft Shop Gone....

On Saturday 30th July Greenwood Crafts closed it's doors after 30 years plus. It did not have a huge stock of quilt material but was a mecca for craft tools, embroidery threads of many kinds and knitting wool and patterns. That's three shops closed this year that I know of.

I know how hard it is to balance your buying between buying online in Australia & overseas where you often get newer products, a full range of choice & better prices, and buying at local shops, keeping our physical shops around so when you want to see & touch a product you can &where you get great service & advice thrown in free.

I am the Queen of online buying & like to buy from my blog friends who run beautiful little shops online on a regular basis too. I don't feel too bad about it now as there are no dedicated quilt shops North of Perth, other than the chains of Spotlight & Textile Traders. If there were shops close by then I would buy with them too.

I do love to do classes with local shops & now travel up to an hour to do so. I also joined the Quilters Guild so will do classes in future with them. Also at every guild meeting, a local shop sets up a stand with pretty things for sale so I can support these shops without driving for miles to find them.

I did buy some lovely items at the Greenwood Craft sale where there was 60% off everything. Lakehouse Fabrics for $10 metre, bright dots for $4.00 metre, floss & tools & the most scrumtious 100% variegated wool for $2.60 a ball (& yes, I brought more than 1 ball of each!).

I don't know the reason why this shop closed but hope the ladies involved go forward to more fun things, success & happiness.

Happy stitching & knitting
Tracee xx


  1. Sad to see the shops shutting as I love to actually see fabric before I buy. We need to support them but sadly we may live long distances from them.

  2. It is hard when the shops close down.... whatever the reason because they are such great places to go to... you got some great fabrics at good prices ...

  3. That sure is a great haul. Hope you get the chance to use them soon. I don't dare to buy any more stuff- bargain or not.

  4. I have been to Greenwood crafts, they had a great shop. What a shame to see it close down. Don't worry Tracee, there are plenty of craft shops here in Tassie.

  5. I noticed that shop had closed down...I've driven past many times before but never at the right time of day. There are a couple of quilt stores NOR...the Janome shop at Clarkson stocks fabrics and such, Quintessential Quilts at Morley is an awesome store (stock lots of the newer fabrics), Handcrafters House at Midland is good, and there's also Carols of Midland. Not sure where you live, but there are some options :)

  6. Great work guys. Nice to see like minded people sharing their thoughts and works here.

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