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Friday, August 12, 2011

Pilot's Frixion Ball Erasable Pens - Magic!

Quilt & sewing groups are a great place to find out about new tools to make our creative works even more fun. So are websites & YouTube Posts from great people like Jenny at the Missouri Quilt Company. She has made a video of all her favourite news things from Quilt Market.

Often these are tools that take awhile to reach Australia & can be pricy to get. Not so, with one little invention Jenny found. It is an erasable pen by Pilot called Frixon Ball. It is erasable on paper or card so great for sudoku, card crafts etc. On fabric is is just amazing. The girls in my group are using it for copying stitcheries & marking where to put applique with great results.

If you are like me & always extend a line too far or get the wobbles when tracing a stitchery design off a pattern then these are the pens for you. It comes in many colours, not that that matters because once you are finished with what you have drawn, ie stitched over it, drafted a pattern you want to change etc, then you just iron it & it disappears. See it all happen in Jenny's video.

Isn't it great! Now for more good news - you can get them in Australia at Big W for $2.88 a pen. If you are not near a Big W some newsagencies are stocking them for about $5.95. Well worth it at either price. If yours doesn't stock them, ask them to get some in. I'm sure Office Works & other stationery shops would have them too. I see on Jenny's website that in the USA you can get packs of these pens but so far I have only seen them sold as individually. Below is what to look out for in the individul packaging.

I know - I didn't need 3 but the colours are pretty & at less than $9, better to stock up ; ) There has been many a 'Ta Da!' moment at my Thursday quilting group as each member is introduced to the pens & given a demonstration of their magic. These pens even make ironing fun!

Happy stitching & tracing!
Tracee xx


  1. Thanks for the heads up Tracee... I will definitely be looking out for those....

  2. Thanks Tracee....I will have to check these out...

  3. Thank you Tracee, what a great tip about the pens, and they are not over priced either.. hope you have a lovely week..

  4. Thanks for sharing these girlfriend! I'm going to check them out!
    xx, shell

  5. Thanks for letting us know - will check these out next time I am at Big W!!! Just bought a quilters silver pencil today for stenciling. These probably would have worked too! Happy Stitching, Susie

  6. Thanks for the tip - I will look out for these!

  7. thanks Tracy for the thumbs up, i have bought some and they work,they are fantastic


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