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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Little Brun's Operation

Well the time is come for Brutus (my Little Brun) to have an operation to have a tooth removed. If you remember a post last month where his face was swollen up all wonky, well it has happened again. After my observations the vet has no doubt it is an eye tooth that needs removing.

The vet last month stated that at his age having an anesthetic is something he is unlikely to survive. The vet this time figures it's a 50 / 50 chance & they will take every precaution, starting with a light dose, only keeping him under for as little time as possible etc.

In little Brun's favour is that after the last lot of antibiotics he has got a new lease on life, put on 300 grams (now 3.4 kgs - little old man) & is looking quite healthy. His appetite is constant & it's all in one end & out the other. So all these factors add up to a healthy kitty who should survive careful surgery.

Napping beside muma Wednesday night

Every time he turns around at the moment I have a camera in his face not that pictures will be any consolation if the worst does happen. So we have had a week of waiting while the antibiotic injection works again & he is at his fittest for Monday 9th. I take him in on my way to work at 8.15am (my first day back & boy am I going to be a great employee that day!), he then goes on a drip for maximum hydration & goes in to surgery about 11.30am. Soon after I should get a call to say tooths out, all went well, kitties awake & not very happy. I can then pick him up after work so they have many hours to check on him. There will be tears in the vet clinic when he is back in his muma's arms & that will be even before I pay the account.

The boys obviously know it is a serious situation as the last 2 nights little Brun has sat on the couch with me while I stitch & last night his little 'big' brother Hun-bun came up for a cuddle too then slept on the carpet at our feet. A change of behaviour for both of them that is freaking me out but hoping it's just because they can sense my nervousness.

Regardless of the outcome we three are very grateful that little Brun celebrated his 20th Christmas this year, that the tooth isn't giving him pain or stopping him eat and that we have had most of the last two weeks all together.

So I know God may be eyeing up my old kitty & thinking it is time for the old boy to rest awhile in my mum's arms but I ask please let him rest awhile longer in his muma's arms instead. Funnily enough, little Brun didn't like my mum picking him up even though she was as cat obsessed as me. She used to get quite upset & ask why I could just sling him over my arm & carry him around for ages with him totally relaxed & yet with her he didn't tolerate longer than about a minute. It's just because I'm his muma & he loves me as much as I love him.

He knocked specifically on our door when he was about 6 weeks old & walked in, did a big climb up on to the couch, sat on my knee, purred & has never left since. So the bond is a strong one both ways. For many years he was an only kitty too so we rely on one & other. So I am hoping God & my mum will hold Brun tight as he goes through the surgery but then give him back for awhile longer. It's a lot to ask for a cat of almost 20 but he is still loving life & his brother & I are still loving him.

So Monday please send healing vibes, prayers & love to my little kitty as he jumps this next hurdle in his long, happy & much loved life.

Purrs from us all
Tracee xx Little Brun xx & Hun-bun xx


  1. I will be thinking of you all and giving Brutus lots of positive vibes.

  2. Tracee i will be thinking of you both on Monday and will pray all goes well,take care.xx

  3. I know how precious our furry friends are so am sending good vibes, and prayers, for Brutus and you.

  4. thinking of you .... and of course wishing all good things for Brutus...

  5. Healing thoughts heading to dear Brun...he will be in good hands by the sound of things. I love the story of his arrival...thinking of you tomorrow!

  6. I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow. I really feel for you, it must be a stressful time. Positive vibes heading your way!

  7. I am the same as the other girls thinking of your tomorrow Tracee..

  8. Poor Brutus. I shall send him some Reiki Tracee tomorrow. How lucky are you all to have found each other.

  9. Oh hon - what a lovely post - I am praying for your baby, that all will be well and he will be safe. Big hugs for both of you.

  10. I so hope everything goes well for you both Tracee... He has found the best home.. They just weave their magic around you don't they..
    Will be thinking of you today..(Monday) xx

  11. I hope everything went well to day, I totally understand how cats become family members and are such a worry when they are unwell.

  12. I too am a cat crazy person, I have two and they light up my day. I hope his teeth don't give him too much trouble.


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