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Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm On Craft Corners - Best Of The Web!

It's been a great day!

 - First I had a wonderful time with lots of laughs at my regular Thursday quilt group & the girls loved my loo roll holder / mug bag.

 - Then I came home & saw Melissa from Happy Quilting had posted she had received the Name Game Quilt I made her & loves it.

 - At 9.30pm the AFL Footy Show started back for the season tonight, not that I'm obsessed or anything. I just find it really productive stitching time - Oh really!

 - Now at midnight Perth time I start reading my blog emails & find I am one of the featured bloggers on Craft Corners - Best of the Web feature.

Craft Corners is a great place to hang out no matter what your craft. It is a craft blog run by a diverse & talented team of crafters.

Here's how they describe themselves: 'Craft Corners is like a little workshop with corners for stitching, handmade jewelry, recycled crafts and ideas for home & garden or your art and design projects.'

Of course I love the posts on the stitching & fabric crafts but also the recycled ideas that go hand in hand with most quilters love of reinventing & repurposing.  I would love to try more jewellery making too but so far limit myself to supplies that fit in one biscuit tin but given the right motivation......... well, that could all change!

Check out the best of the web feature & the six other craftspeople included this time. There's something for everyone & don't we always want to try something new.

Thanks to our talented Aussie designer & blogger Val Laird who gave approval for me to use my favourite project pic on The Best Of The Web feature, my little applique snail that comes from her design 'All My Lovely Sewing Things'.

Thank you so much to Jennifer from Craft Corners for her invitation to be a part of this great feature. I'm sure Jennifer, you have a very long list of Australian bloggers & crafters that you hope to feature in future editions of The Best Of The Web.

Craft Corners also happily welcome guest bloggers to write about their favorite crafts so don't be shy in contacting them as I know so many of you have such great talent & enthusiasm that a wider audience would be delighted with.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. How exciting to be a featured blogger!

  2. How fun Tracee - I always knew you were one of the best on the web!!

  3. Oh WOW another famous blogging friend!
    Congrats on being featured! :)

  4. congrats Tracee,you will be awesome my friend.Love the mini name hanging you sent,it was fantastic.xx

  5. Congratulations Tracee!!! How exciting! And I too love the quilt you made for Melissa - it's gorgeous!

  6. Cograts Tracee, the little quilt is gorgeous.


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