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Friday, April 6, 2012

An Easter Treat For Our Sewing Machines

Jenny from the Missouri Quilt Company has just put up a video on YouTube showing how to clean & defluff (that must be a sewing term???) our beautiful sewing machines to keep them at peak performance. This must be especially for quilters like me that frett about the machine going to the serviceman so put it off or for you prolific speed quilters out there who clock up big sewing hours like Jenny.

What a good idea to spend a bit of time over Easter being thankful for our faithful little friends and giving them a mini maintenance clean.

Congratulations to Jenny & the team at Missouri Quilts who won best online store in the 2012 Golden Quilters Awards hosted by SewCalGal. Considering all the free advice & projects that they give out it is nice to see them get some love back from the quilting community.

So are you like Jenny & I and only change your needle when you have to or are you a stickler for a new needle after every big project or so many hours of sewing? My needle is nice & new at the moment, seeing as I broke 2 trying to insert the zip in to my owl bags a couple of weeks ago.

A man dedicated to his sewing machine

Happy Sewing Machine Cleaning
Tracee xx


  1. thankyou for this Trace,have a safe and happy easter.xx

  2. Mine really, really needs the spa - I cleaned it out best I could last night but it needs a heavy duty clean. And a bit of a fix.

  3. Ok, that picture is so creepy! I need to clean my machine, thank you for the reminder :)


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