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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

It's Tuesday again so I am back with some more Tuesday Treasures.

Today my treasure is Op Shopping / Second Hand Shops / Thrift Shops & all the amazing goodness you can find in them. This was a favourite pasttime I revelled in with my mum for many years until she went into care. When I was a little tacker it was for necessity, later it was because we were addicted to bargains & now it's more because it's a great way to find vintage treasures, hand sewn linens, old china and oh so many other pretty & unique things.

Thursday on my way home from quilting group was a great day for bargain finds as I popped in to my local small store in our little suburban shopping centre for just a look, just in case........

The first item that had to come home with me is a sweet little Empire platter, in Shelton Ivory (with gold edges) made in England for the princely sum of $3.99. Perfect condition & a nice shape. It's a little bigger than a dinner plate so a useful size - though who needs useful when you have pretty?

Then things got interesting. I have to admit - I am a woolaholic (yarnaholic in the Northern Hemisphere?). I love knitting wool. I just want to touch it, knit like my kitties on it & purr. Some of it can be costly though so I am always out for a bargain. Thursday it was New Zealand pure wool goodness - 2 lots of variagated Naturally in Turquise / purple (6 balls)  and red / black (6 balls) and Magic Garden Lollipop 100% Merino in the blue / grey / white variagation (5 balls) & all for 99c a ball. Big Purrs!

Next to that amongst the usual stack of old craft magazines a couple of books caught my eye - thank goodness! In absolutely mint condition I got Jan Constantine's Heirloom Embroidery. It still had the receipt in it from the Book Depository UK for $24.80. I paid $3.99.

And beside that in the same mint condition - Inspirations Magazine's Stitching For Beginners & Beyond for a measly $1.99.

Lots of beautiful stitchy goodness in those two books. It's not very often I have a find like Thursday's crafty yumminess so I was very happy with myself.

To check out more of this weeks treasures or to share your own, join up with our Hostess Melody on her blog The House On the Side Of The Hill.

Happy Shopping!
Tracee xx


  1. Well done on your treasure finds! It's a real buzz to find something unique at a great price.

  2. oh some great treasures there Trace,well done,i need to come over and go shopping with you.xx

  3. Lucky you Tracee, some wonderful finds in your treasure hunt this week.

  4. Some fabulous finds here - real treasures. Thank you so much for sharing them withus.

  5. What great bargains. You will be busy knitting with all that beautiful wool.

  6. You found some wonderful goodies. I am always overwhelmed by thrift stores and cannot see individual treasures.

  7. Wow, such great treasures. I love the sandwich plate. I too love wools but have to settle for knitting scarves and beanies. There just isn't much call for jumpers here. Books! I just love books. Those two stitching books looks great. I should make it a habit to check the op shops every week. You never know when a bargain will pop up. I only go sometimes.

  8. I love op shops too.. you have found great bargains there.... I love the books especially... a friend lent me the second one.... some fun things in there... I loved the felt cats especially...

  9. Great finds!!! I too love thrift's the thrill of the hunt. BTW I went and voted for you - you're in the lead!!!

  10. Well you certainly unearthed some treasure there Tracee. It is amazing what you find there.

  11. Wonderful treasures Tracee... Love that plate especially.

  12. Thank goodness you dropped into your little shop - imagine what would have happened to those treasures otherwise! " sitting all alone on a shelf. You've given them new life :)

  13. ops shops...ah my fav way to shop...just love poking around in them...rarely get time though...

  14. Its a beautiful treasure. I´ve my owns too

  15. What a great find Tracee. I've never been into op-shopping myself but maybe I need to start!


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