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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Win & More

I was doing the happy dance ( & scaring the furboys in the process ) a few weeks ago when I read on Cardy Girl's blog that I was one of the winners of her bundles of My Favourite Things fat quarters by Anni Downs. They looked to be such pretty fabrics & seeing I am doing the Some Kind of Wonderful - My Favourite Things quilt with the Stitch A Long Group I was definitely coveting these fabrics.

(Didn't they just look very enticing in Cardy's giveaway picture)

Cardy was just about due to leave for Nundle for the Girls Day In The Country get together so said she would post my parcel when she returned with a little added surprise as I couldn't be there too. How kind is that??? I read about so many Eastern States stitching & sewing get togethers that I would love to attend too & it makes me feel a long way away over here in the West. It would be wonderful to be able to fly over but flights from one side of Oz to the other are still quite hefty - the equivalent of many, many, many metres of beautiful fabric!

Now my parcel has arrived & oh I was right, the giveaway fabrics are just glorious. Beautiful muted colours & whimsical designs.

My surprise extras included two of the Patchwork with Busy Fingers english paper pieced kits by Sue Daly for pincushions that those who attended the GDITC made. I love paper piecing so these will definately be put to use.

I also received another piece of fabric which is just so gorgeous, I don't know if I will ever want to cut it up. It is called A Quilters Home by Nancy's Cupboard for South Sea Imports. It is in the same colours as the MFT fabrics but is lots of little rulers with lots of quilters words on it like Bear Paw, Happy Hearts Quilt Shop, Stitches in Time, Log Cabin. It is just lovely & see it spread out in the background of my photo below.

Thank you Alison for your great giveaway & for your thoughtfulness with the added extras. As you can see, they have been very happily rehomed here in Quiltkittyville! xx

If you haven't read Cardy's posts about GDITC, go to the blog & check it out, lots of bloggers & stitchers, so of course, lots of fun.

If you have been following some of the various Nundle posts, I hope you have kept up with Peg & Dale's adventures after the GDITC. Those chickens certainly get around! Check out their adventures on the way home, through Victoria & in the Barossa at Granny Loz's blog. Hilarious!

Happy Easter to all!

Tracee  xxx  Little Brun xxx Hun-bun xxx


  1. happy easter to you also Trace and congrats on your lovely win.xx

  2. So glad they have arrived safely in the such a loving home too! Enjoy!

  3. Awesome... those are such lovely fabrics and now a couple of kits to make up too.... have a happy easter.... stitching I hope?

  4. I loved my goodies from Cardygirl......she is a treasure in't she.......Peg and Dale sure did get up to some mischief.........


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