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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Naked No More....

My mini-quilt frame that is!

It has sat forlornly waiting for my overdue Welcome mini quilt. Now I have finished my first little mini quilt for myself & I think it is a beauty.

I have shown the stitchery previously but I finished it off with a simple red border and final border & binding with a gorgeous blue & red fat quarter that Leanne gave me in a swap.

It is delightfully cute & simple, showing off the stitchery perfectly. At last I am displaying a mini quilt on my gorgeous cream frame.

I have since made another for the Spring mini swap. It is currently winging its way North so I can't show it yet but I so much want there to be time to make one for myself. I love it & hope my swap partner does too.

Over the weekend I also made two more Snugglybug blocks to go in to a quilt along with the other block mades around Australia for a 6 year old little man who is getting treatment in Hobart Hospital. I hope Spiderman helps him fight the big battle he & his family are facing.

I couldn't get Spiderman fabric in the quilting department of the three shops I tried. I was worried that I would get distracted & forget what I was looking for so I was wandering through the fabric aisles singing 'Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does what ever a spiderpig does'. I did get a couple of stares that made me think I wasn't singing as quietly as I thought. I don't know what Spiderman's theme song is but obviously I have watched a few episodes of The Simpsons in my past.

 Given the circumstances I so much want to get the fabrics that these little people ask for & in the time alloted so this time went for curtain fabric in the spiderman blocks in the centre. I hope that works OK for the person putting the top together & the quilter. I'm sure the little spiderman fan will love it!

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Your mini quilt looks fantastic Trace,i hope your other one turns up soon !!!
    What a lovely thing to do for this brave little boy.xx

  2. Your mini quilt looks lovely Tracee. I'm sure the spiderman quilt will be loved.

  3. Love your mini quilt ..Great Job on finding the Spider-Man Fabric it looks Great.

  4. Gorgeous mini quilt, yes...singing spider pig is usually a sure tell sign that there is a Simpson fan lurking around some where.

  5. LoVe this MINi Tracee... it's a shame the "other" one hasn't been displayed yet!!! Just NOT fair!!! :(

  6. Your new stitchery quilt is so pretty, you did a great job.

  7. a beautiful stitchery and it looks gorgeous on that frame.

  8. Oh Tracee I'm giggling about you singing Homer/Spiderpig whilst walking around the shop! Very funny! And very resourceful too, I'm sure the blocks will be fine... and the mini is just gorgeous, love the stitchery, and how lovely to use the fq from Leanne, Well Done!

  9. Tracee, I love the gorgeous mini quilt you sent. So beautiful! The cute little bird singing on the house...and the favorite things! I just love it! Thanks so much. The calendar is great. My husband looked at the pictures and made comment to the lack of trees - we're in the 'raking of leaves season'...autumn. Beautiful colors but the leaves keep falling and falling and..... I didn't have your email address so Thank you again! Danette


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