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Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekends With Brunnie =^..^=

Hi friends - Brunnie still here, just not been writing much & my typist is very unreliable!

Never mind now I have a tale (or tail??) for you. It contains purrs of joy, generosity, snuggliness, squeaks of terror & mumma swearing. Oh it also includes me, Brutus Beefkitten as the hero & Honey-bun as the bad, bad scaredy cat.

It all started one fine shopping day when mumma decided (right or wrongly but generously) that it would be a good idea to buy her two furboys a new fluffy bed for them each to nap in. They are soft & fluffy, spacious and match nicely to the decor of the lounge room. They were also 50% off so what could possibly go wrong.

I very happily took to my new fluffy bed (here are the purrs of joy). It is warm & snuggly and sits on the couch next to mumma where I can sit & watch mumma sew.

Here my tale takes a turn for the worst. Hun-bun normally sleeps on the other couch on his blankie & mumma thought the snuggly bed would help contain his ginger furs he puts on the chocolate brown couch. Little did she know what she was in for.

Mumma lifted Hun-bun in to his snuggly bed & Hun-bun turned from sweet napping kitty-cat into massive big crying scaredy cat not wanting to go in fluffy bed. He held his paws out on the sides like he was being thrown in the bath, squealed & tried to claw mumma. That was the bit when mumma said the bad words!

So after a bit of planning & no sign of Hun-bun all afternoon & evening mumma decided to put Hun-buns blankie on top of the fluffy bed & entice him in that way. Hun-bun crept in that night after mumma went to bed & slept on the couch, right on the brown. That was the next time muma said the bad words!

So mumma decided to get Hun-bun used to having the bed around first & so it sits on the couch next to Hun-buns blankie. Hun-bun ignores the fluffy bed, mumma ignores the fluffy bed, even Hermoine ignores the fluffy bed & I laugh at scaredy Hun-bun & dirty mouth mumma!

Two weeks later & I can see mumma hasn't given up though. It is just a temporary truce & every so often she puts Hun-bun in the fluffy bed & holds him in there. The record so far is about 20 seconds with mumma lying full on top of Hun-bun to keep him in there. The saga continues......

My poor oversized scaredy cat baby brother!

Big purrs
Brunnie xx


  1. Tracee, that is so funny! Hun Bun certainly knows his own mind!

  2. No one here knows why I am having a giggle :) thanks for psting

  3. So cute and so funny. Shame on that big bad new fluffy bed

  4. Thank you so much, Brunnie for the fabulous post which has made me smile so much. Hun Bun certainly is a silly little kitty.

  5. Too funny! Fluffy bed will soon be made a home of, I'm sure! :)

  6. Have you tried putting some nice hot towels, fresh from the dryer, in the bed? Our cats could never resist a freshly laundered load of clothes hot from the dryer- irresistable! Or better yet, put the fluffy bed in the clothes basket and top it with fluffy hot towels. Might work.

    Don't give up the fight! ;)
    Susan in Texas

  7. Thank you Brunnie for a very interesting and funny post.

  8. lol. dont give in as they are stubborn little buggers at times

  9. Oh poor Hun might be the sheepskin. My Mum had a cat that would never ever walk across or lie on the sheepskin rug she had in front of her heater......hated it with a passion. Maybe Hun Bun is suffering the same.

  10. Try a hand towel on the sheepskin, and then wait for winter! That will bring the little devil into line!

  11. LOL...I wonder who will win this battle in the end!!!!!

  12. Oh my gosh!! This is hilarious! Hun Bun was probably saying naughty words to his mumma too for trying to redecorate his space. ;) hee,hee,hee.

  13. I love this post gave me a laugh. Mumma may have to accept that Hun Bun may never accept the new fluffy bed! At least you love yours, and you look very handsome in it too >^..^<

    I too am a cat Mumma, and in the past I have made some purchases with the best of intentions, only to have them totally ignored, and unappreciated.


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