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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Treats

Firstly a big thank to all of you who voted for Little Brunnie is the Love Cats Spring Competition. He did better than I ever dreamed with 205 votes. It secured him 3rd place in the comp with the 2nd place getter having votes in the 500s & Cleanister the winning cat in the 600s. That so funny, the winner of the last comp had 24 votes, guess it was cat-crazy-muma time world wide! Any way I am very proud of my boy & getting his lovely furry little face out there again. Thank too to Shez & Susan who posted about the comp. Sorry if I missed any others, I haven't been blog reading much.

This week I am having a week of 'I can't believes' and they go like this - 

1. I can't believe I have the flu again, virus had all gone away 3 weeks ago & now caught it again worst than ever! 
2. I can't believe it's 8 weeks today since Little Brun went away, most days I can deal with it but not when I am sick. 
3. I can't believe that I am coughing so much that HB hasn't been in the house except for meals for 3 days, no cuddling muma, he is in disgrace, or muma is sulking - one or the other!
4. I can't believe Perth had a cool March & now April we have had up to 35 with low 30 expected for next week again. Coughing, trouble breathing & hot weather does not make for a very happy me.
5. I can't believe I have watched 3 episodes of River Monsters this week, never watched it before, not in to fishing & don't like murky water & big fish but hey not much on late, late at night.

But on the optimistic front, the antibiotics must be working as I finished off 4 stuffies last night & my knitted Christmas bauble tonight, my first crafty thing for two weeks.

More importantly here's my overdue Easter projects. I am doing Mrs Martin's Let's Celebrate Swap & Easter was one of our occasions. This is what I made for Glenys (no blog) but some pictures of previous makes here;

A fabric bunny & some Raffaello chocolates and a stitchery Easter bag for them to sit in.

The bunny is the same pattern that Shez made all her gorgeous bunnies for the grandies out of but I decreased the size. The bag is a Creative Card pattern I won from Rosie Quinlin's blog. I loved the variegated green stitchery to tone down all those pinks & as that is one of Glenys's colour pics too thought it a good choice for a change.

I was lucky enough to get this gorgeous assortment from Glenys -

A beautiful Easter Egg felt candle mat (I am great lover of felt or wool so spot on choice for me!), the bunny fabric with mint green background, fancy choc eggs & the green & gold egg is an ornament so beautiful to keep for any time of year. Thanks Glenys - love my pressies. Easter may be done but my mat & egg are not going away yet!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I made some Easter gift bags. They were to give a little choc surprise to the 5 ladies who work with me in my department at the day job. I started with the green as it's my current favourite colour, turned out cute.

Then tried out the pink & purple

And continued on with the yellow & turquoise. As you can see the turquoise isn't an Easter ribbon but Sharyn is an owl lover so made her a special owl bag.

The yellow felt is much brighter than the photo shows & that ended up being my favourite.

I also made myself or the present box, a pretty bunny - haven't decided yet. It's lovely fabric I brought last November at Spotlight while out of the town with Shez & Melody. Very pretty!

Ok, so just like Arnie - I'll be back with posts to show off my stuffie pressies made & Christmas finish. And to tell you why HB is all dressed up in his tie but won't pose for his muma!

No time to improve the photography yet but nice closeup of HB's nose freckle!

Happy stitching
Tracee xx

ps...  can you believe it! River Monsters - Lair of the Giants is on in 15 minutes, just time for a good cough & brew a cup of tea - had about 16 hours sleep today so back to the big fishes for me...


  1. hope you are feeling better......nice temps here now.......around 27 each family like to watch river monsters........

  2. Lovely swap and your Easter bags are so cute !!
    I hope you are feeling better now and that your champion will come back for cuddles !!

  3. lovely pictures and post... well done with the competition....
    Hope you feel better soon...

  4. Oh here's hoping for quick "feeling better" time. The same happened to me last August so I know how you feel. Lovely goodies for Easter both sent and received! Hugs :)

  5. Sending you lots of hugs so you'll feel better soon. So happy about the competition results. Precious boy. I know your heart still hurts so bad. I share your tears my friend.

  6. I feel your pain. I am known to burst into tears at the sight of a Pug and still cant walk down the pet food isle in the supermarket. Hope you are feeling better really soon. hugs

  7. Yay for little Brunnie placing third :D

    HB is certainly being the rebel...neglecting his sick muma and all. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Tracee, you poor love, being sick is jut the pits, especially when it happens so soon after recovery!
    Wonderful Easter sewing there, I love the Creative Card & wonder if it might still be available. (Love that fabric too, wonder where you got it, LOL)
    So glad to see that Brun got heaps of votes, he's a winner in our eyes... take care x

  9. Wow Little Brun getting 3rd! I and Grace voted for him too. I'm sorry that you are not well but seriously hope you are on the mend. Always swear by lemon and ginger tea to help cut the muck. Lemon squeezed into tea is lovely too but I think it is the ginger that really does the trick.

  10. Forgot to add how much I love those easter gifts. Will have to try and get my hands on that easter bunny pattern lol. Small ones would be great for display or even with some lavender inside.

  11. How wonderful Brutus got third place. I saw the Cleanister jump from 100 to 400 votes in a day. They must have a big network. I love those Easter ribbons you put on the cute baskets. Hun bun looks nice in his tie :)

  12. Congratulations on Brunnie getting 3rd prize - that is fantastic. Hope you're starting to feel better. Love your Easter bunny and your swap gifts you received are very cute

  13. Sorry you're not feeling well; I hope you're all better soon. It's wonderful about Brunnie. He might be gone, but he's NOT forgotten!

    Your Easter bags are lovely; the green one totally rocks.

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

  14. Oh not nice of the flu to visit again so soon :( River Monster is a great show when you feel lousy, lol. Well done on getting 3rd place. Your swap pressies are lovely. Gorgeous gift bags, I can't pick a favourite :)

  15. wow Trace what a lovely parcel you put together and i love what you received too.Ohh those easter bags are so cute you have been so busy my friend and i love all the things you have made.xx


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