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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Bit of This.....

And a bit of that..... in my post today.

Let's start with a little stitchery that I actually did the machine sewing on (about 3 minutes worth) & finished the item for Friday Night Sew In. What's more, it's a gift for me - the words definitely were written about me!

Wishes won't do dishes, so true in my house. I used two of my favourite supplies, variegated thread & some of my treasured Marmalade fabric - currently my favourite print in the range. The pattern was a freebie from Bird Brain Designs. They have pages of lovely little stitcheries that they generously give away.
I have been busy knitting a  baby jacket that I am hoping I will finish this week, it seems to be taking me forever!
Next I want to show you a beautiful vintage kitty. It was made by my friend Frank's mother, out of pom-poms, many, many years ago. It's a very cute little piece made from three elongated pom-poms for the body, one for the tail and the round one for the head.
Isn't that just what we want for our crafts - for it to be on display & cherished many years later by our family for generations to come.

I had a lovely big first chat this morning with Anthea from Hibiscus Stitches. Next Saturday we have our bloggers meet up at the Perth Quilt Fair. I can't wait to meet our local bloggers that are coming along & a big thanks to Anthea & Maria from Life On The Block for organising it for us.


The next day we head off for a week down the South-west of WA in Dunsborough, right on the ocean. So far it looks like we can expect more of the same weather in the early 20s with nice, cool mornings & evenings. I am very much looking forward to the week away, so better start packing my sewing, magazines, books, not to mention anything I buy at the craft fair that I can't bear to leave at home for the week.
The bad news is that Master Hun-bun is having his first ever holiday at a cattery! He knows he is going, we speak often of Hun-bun's winter holiday, but I don't think he realises he is going there on his own & not with his muma. I couldn't tell him that. He is all prepared - had his vaccination, been micro-chipped in case the worst ever thing happens & he gets out, has a new necklace to hang his microchip pendant on & I washed his blanket today for him to pack. By Sunday morning, he will have slept on it enough for it to remind him of home but not enough that you can't see his favourite farmyard animals for the creamy furs clinging to it. It will be me in tears as I drop him off on Sunday. I bet they will have to kick me out to make me leave him. Oh dear - I will have to try to be brave! They will do phone or video visits, can't you just see me Skyping my cat! It's only a week, I'm going to try to limit myself to only 2 phone calls to check on him.
Finally, it was a beautiful day in Perth today & we made the most of it by going for a walk this afternoon around the lake at Yancep National Park, about 60kms North of Perth. The lake is called Loch McNess, named after a Perth philanthropist not its Scottish namesake, and I didn't see any monsters either.
The Yancep Inn looked like a great place to sit this afternoon, with warm sun on your face & a cool beverage in your hand. Maybe next time, today we had walks to do & pics to take.
It was just the weather for a snooze in the sun, hiding ones face behind the trunk of the Euculyptus tree.
Many people were taking advantage of the great weather & beautiful surroundings. The views were very pretty.
The locals were getting lots of attention from the younger generation.
And the imfamous West Australian Tap tree was in full bloom.
We spent ages on a jetty in the sun trying to capture photos of dragon flies. The dragon flies had great fun doing very dramatic, acrobatic moves to make sure most pics captured only a wing or just blurry blue sky.
The birds were far better behaved.
And the native plants in flower were very colourful and pretty.
Have a great week everyone!
Tracee xx  Hun-bun xx


  1. Your stitchery is gorgeous Tracee. I love the saying! How exciting for you all getting to meet each other and having a week away as well. I'm sure Hun-Bun will have a great time on his holiday too.

  2. lovely little cushion.... sounds like a lovely holiday coming up and the blog meet will be such fun.... Hun bun will have a great time too.... lovely pictures.... that tap tree is something else isn't it?

  3. awesome post and pics Trace ,love you little cushion and hun bun will be fine a holiday for him ,gee this trip has come up fast ,have fun and have a ball at your bloggers meet,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  4. WOW check out your photos, they are gorgeous. Hun Bun will be ok, like you said it is only a week and you will have a great time away. Enjoy your bloggers meet. Always fun to catch up with fellow bloggers and like minded people. hugs

  5. Lots happening in your world Trace...have fun at the bloggers meet...

  6. I love all your photos of Perth. I wish I could get there but it is halfway around the world. Poor Hun Bun. Your little stitchery is wonderful.

  7. You will have a great time at the bloggers meet !! Poor Hun Bun !! Maybe he will meet some friends too !!

  8. Gorgeous pics! Blogger meets are soo much fun!

  9. Beautiful photos! Love your mini quilt, so cute!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, hugs Wendy

  10. LOL, skyping the Cat!! (Lots of cat-owners would, you know!)
    Great Yanchep pics, I have not been up there for ages, would make a great winters day out. Might just have to jump in your car boot as you drive past Mandurah on your way to Dunsborough! See you soon x

  11. Lovely pics especially the one of your dear little Hun Bun. Great stitchery too.


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