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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flood Relief Stitcheries

The Country Quilt Co in North Ipswitch Qld is selling Flood Relief Bags so we can continue to raise funds for those who lost so much in the recent floods. You buy a bag for $10 each & get two stitcheries from two of our great designers,either Helen from Hugs & Kisses or from Wildcraft Farm. The kit contains the preprinted stitcheries, thread, needle, everything you need. Once you stitch them, you can keep them or return them to be made into quilts to be auctioned for further funds raised.

I brought 2 kits & got the following luscious designs that are now finished & on there way back to be made into quilts. Sorry, they are in there unironed state in the pics. Nice idea & if you want to help, go here countryquiltco.

I hope that counts as 4 finishes for February???

Happy stitching
Tracee xx

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  1. Love your stitcheries they will make awesome bags....very generous..


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