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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tracee's Treasures

Every week I am going to show you something I have been given or found that constitutes a treasure to me. A lot of items will be craft items picked up at markets or op shops, I can't bear to see a cross stitch abandoned & unloved after all that hard work. Others will be vintage linens, china or books. Some items will be quite new but just in a style or from somewhere that touches my heart.

Week 1 - Girls on Bicycles, Cross Stitch on Linen - 33 x 43 cm (13 x 17 inches), nonglare glass & framed $12.00

Aren't they beautiful. There are no details on the back of when it was done or by whom. If the craftsperson who completed this was as slow at it as I am at cross stitch then it must have taken years to complete. Even for the expert they appear to be, it is a beautiful example of great cross stitch & a major investment in time & love. So I am now official guardian & it holds pride of place on my wall in the hall way.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. That sure is a gorgeous piece, Lucky you having the privilege of enjoying it in your space.

  2. Hi Tracee,
    I found you from the Stitchalong blog :) I think I need a ufo list in my sidebar too... one day, hee heee!
    Love the cross-stitch, who would give something that beautiful away?
    Glad to meet you and welcome to blogland :)

  3. oh my gooddness that is an awesome lot of work..I so hear you on seeing all someones hard work jus sitting in a op shop, great find,cheers Vickie


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