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Friday, February 25, 2011

My 'Life is Beautiful'

Firstly, my love and sympathies to all my fellow Kiwis who have been affected by the Christchurch earthquake. I am so thankful all my family, friends & those of my loved ones are safe. I am also proud that as the kiwis did for us in the floods, us Aussies flew straight over to offer what help we can. Sorry if I sound like a split personality there, but I am very much half Aussie & half Kiwi and proud of both!

I thought I would give a glimpse of how I am going with my main project of the year, Life is Beautiful by Helen from Hugs & Kisses in Tassie. My colour scheme is dark & broody and such a departure from my usual, so consequently I love it. Here are some pics of the fabric & a few of the stitcheries so far completed.

The camera has dulled the colours out a bit, less grey & a bit more teal and stormy blues. As for the stitcheries, great fun to do, nice & portable to take to my sewing group and as so cute & heartfelt.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Love the moody gentleness of your blocks & fabrics! Love what you have picked for the SAL too!

  2. Hi Tracee, good to see you on the forum!! Your stitcheries are beautiful. I do like the idea of the striped background fabric too. Gee, 18 is a good age for a cat, he must be well looked after and loved heaps!! Brutus reminds me of Bronwyn Hayes cat stitcheries have you seen them. they were freebies on her site last year. Honey- now that is a good name!! My little dog came from a rescue org. called "PAWS" and her official name was Honey Bear. She is a Honey colour, not so much at the moment as we got her clipped because of the heat, anyway I call her Honeybunny!
    Look forward to talking with you on the forum. Bye for now, Sandy.

  3. i love these colours Tracee and your stitching looks great.
    cheers shez

  4. Your stitcheries are so perfect. I really love the grey colour scheme you're using. This will make a stunning quilt.

  5. Lovley stitchuing, will look gr8 .

    TY for visiting my blog during the blog hop. Good luck in the giveaways.



  6. Tracee I do like your colour choices...that looks are doing a great job on your stitcheries....

  7. Oooh I'm liking these greys/teals. I bet it's stunning in real life.

  8. I love what you are doing with these block,s the fabric is fantastic, I have started this BOM also, and using somehting a little similar,so I hope mine will look as great as yours!


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