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Friday, April 20, 2012

My Swap Presents to Leanne

Last week I showed you what Leanne made & sent me in this post here. Now in case you haven't seen them on Leanne's blog, here are my presents to her....

It has this little holder..... Whoops, that's the back....

A few of these..... Four different fabric matches.....

Two of each..... Eight in total.....

A little holder & 8 matching coasters.....

From an issue of the USA magazine Quilts and More....

Some fabricy goodness.....  Happy Gingerbread people and Nancy Halverson pink spot.....

And what's Easter without a fluffy bunny, chicken tin & chocolate bunnies......

It was a wonderful swap. Thank you Leanne & I am so looking forward to the birthday swap! xx

Happy swapping
Tracee xx


  1. Trace what wonderful swap gifts,love the colours,has Brun got over his birthday yet.xx

  2. WOW - lucky Leanne!!! What gorgeous gifts!!!

  3. I saw these on Leanne's blog and love them! Great gifts Tracee!

  4. as you know I saw these and they are lovely... but i didn't catch on the holder for the coasters... lovely....

  5. Very pretty, yet very practical gifts. Just lovely!

  6. I agree lucky Leanne....Tracee what gorgeous gifts, very pretty fabric...

  7. Gorgeous gift idea, they are so pretty!

  8. I forgot to show my little bunny on my blog, I love my coasters, they are so pretty, thankyou again Tracee.

  9. What gorgeous gift you gave my friend Leanne I will have to ask her to show me next time we get together.

  10. Gorgeous presents. I love the floral fabric on the holder.


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