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Friday, April 13, 2012

Super Swap With Leanne

Hi all

I received a lovely parcel this week. Leanne from Lizzie the Quilter & I decided to do a one on one swap. I met Leanne when in Launceston last October & though the visit was brief we hit it off immediately. We definately have similar tastes & I love every bit of the quilty goodness that Leanne makes & blogs about.

Leanne described my thank you email to her as overexcited & she was completely right, but now you will see why. We didn't put any theme on what to swap, just something made, something quilty, something Eastery.

This is my stitchery wall hanging. Don't you think it looks very much like a Cinderberry Stitches design, one of my favourite designers. The fabrics are delicious too. I am loving that striped border fabric with the florals. Here is a close pic of the stitchery.

This will now go up on my sewing room wall to watch over me & me over it as I sew. I also received this gorgeous project bag which had some of my Thursday quilting group swooning. It is the first time I have something to put a project in that fits my sewing & the book or magazine. That is great!

The choccy eggs made it to today's photo shoot but the 3 pink marshmellow bunnies met their fate during Criminal Minds on Wednesday night. Now look at the quilty goodness that was included.

Three adorable far quarters of Bliss & a charm pack of Central Park & a charm pack of Oasis. They will all get put to very good use in the days to come.

Now you can see why I was excitable. Isn't it all just amazingly pretty, generous & kind of Leanne. I told her she spoilt me, for which I am very grateful. I will do another post showing what I sent Leanne once she has had a chance to post about it first. What a great swap!

Make sure you visit Leanne's blog if you don't already. She is an amazing quilter, stitcher & appliquer who also does long arm machine quilting. Her fabric choices are wonderful & she is a dear person. No end to her talents!

Happy swapping
Tracee xx


  1. wow Trace what a beautiful swap parcel to receive,well done Leanne.xx

  2. lucky girl you....what a great swap for you....cheers

  3. WooHoo... you were spoilt well and truly! LoVeLy gifts in that lot! Always a fun visit with you Tracee! Cheers :)

  4. Beautiful gifts Tracee. I too have been the recipient of Leanne's work - simply stunning!

  5. ooooh yummy... lovely gifts... so nice when you meet up with someone and you 'click' right away... love the little stitchery...... lucky you... but I'm sure she is just as lucky


  6. Lovely gifts, I look forward to seeing what you made!

  7. My head is spinning Tracee, you say such the nicest things about me, thankyou, You really made my day and I'm so pleased I made yours with your package of quilty goodness that I made for you. Enjoy.

  8. OH you lucky girl, what a beautiful gift!!! Yes, you were spoiled!!

  9. Fabulous presents,lucky you.


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