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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Val Adds Four Kitties to Quiltkittyville!

Happy Caturday everybody!

What other sort of community can you belong to beyond crafting where someone you only know online & may never meet face to face goes out of their way to spend hours making you a present just because they know you will love it? This community constantly delights me with the warmth, caring & generosity that flys around our blogworld. When something like I have to show you comes to me it certainly makes my heart give big, loud purrs.

Val Spiers & I, as well as being quilty bloggers, share a mutual love of all things CAT. Yes, I know, I bet that admission was a shock to many of you..... haha! Our furbabies share a major place in our families & lives so we have shared many an email on the subject as I have with a few others of you who share our furry addiction.

In early April Val asked for my details to send me a gift she was making. Oh the suspense! On the 14th April Val gave a sneak peek on her blog but fortunately little Brun was blogging that day so only he saw it & left a comment for Val. Now my parcel has arrived & is all set up ready to go on my winter recliner, in front of the slow combustion fire in the family room.

Val has designed & made me a gorgeous cushion cover from wool & linen. There is a beautiful natural linen & the wool is a navy, green, red & white tartan, which I love being a Scottish New Zealander. On the linen it says 'Meow' & 'Purr'. The kitties are also wool in brown, purple, reds & teal blue. The teal blue one at the bottom is my favourite with his little back up. That's how he will feel when I jump on to the recliner & snuggle up against him.

Of course, it scored 10 out of 10 on the 'sniff' test by both Brun & Hun-bun & definately scores 10 out of 10 with their muma. Your beautiful design Val is a delicious addition to Quiltkittyville. Now I just need to protect the chair & cushion from Brun & Hun-bun deciding, something new, must be mine! Thank you so much Val. I hope your Italian holiday is bringing you a huge amount of joy as you have brought to me. xx

I might be safe from Hun-bun poaching my chair. He has finally made up with his girlfriend Hermoine & they are cohabiting on a nightly basis again. I think my youngest furboy may only be a reliable boyfriend in the cooler months of the year. Poor Hermoine, she never complains.....

Big purrs
Tracee xx Brun xx Hun-bun xx


  1. Its so gorgeous. You are a very lucky girl to receive such a great gift. Watch out though because the furries will be snuggling up with it LOL

  2. Beautiful cushion, looks perfect in your chair. Cute photo of Hun-bun and Hermoine!!

  3. Oh Trace what a beautiful cushion from Val,you have been spoilt,enjoy the footy tonight,has Brutus got his footy snack of sardine in tomato sauce,lol.xx

  4. I think you may have a fight on your hands... getting up close to the new cushion. I think I hear your fur balls saying...'It looks sooo snuggly!' :)

  5. That is one seriously gorgeous cushion! I'm a scottish kiwi too - I was a Macdonald in a former life. Also in my 40's and a cat lover - we're practically twins!

  6. Gorgeous cushion. What a lovely surprise from Val.

  7. What a fabulous gift - and so you!!!!! That is perfect!

  8. Beautiful work and a gorgeous gift!

  9. What a gorgeous gift and a beautiful photo of Hun Bun.


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