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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekends With Brunnie =^..^=

Hi friends!

Brunnie back again. Muma's watching the footy. Mum is always watching the footy now, we never watch movies together anymore. We did watch 'Walk The Line' last night after the footy but I'm putting that out of my mind as Hun-bun kept sitting on muma & smirking at me. I told him "Hun-bun, how muma going to stitch while a big lump like you lying in the way?" Hun-bun's reply - smirk!

I guarded the border this morning, doing my duty at the laundry door. Hun-bun guards the perimeter, which I think he interprets as sleep in the bushes by the fence line - slacker!

Muma unpacked the new vaccuum. The old one is getting weak, groans as it works and it's battery goes to sleep. I'm wondering why as muma certainly doesn't overuse it. The new one is charging now in case muma gets the urge to pick up the threads on the carpet any time soon.

Muma made a boo! She brought us a new electric blanket as her side doesn't work any more. My side, under my blankie, up by the pillow worked very well. I been toasty warm on the few cool nights we have had. Muma keeps trying to sneak on to my side. Now we have a new electric blankie & when muma read out the instructions we were horrified. It said 'This blanket automatically switches itself off after 12 hours use, plus or minus 30 minutes!' Turns itself off! What are they thinking? Don't they realise Brunnie's electric blanket goes on in April & stays on until November??? I have athritis, I have pain, I am elderly, I like being snuggly. I now have to rely on muma to turn my blanket off & on every morning so I have a warm bed, I'm not feeling confident with this plan. At least now we have flannette sheets, thems fluffy like me.

I love flannette sheets

Muma has been stitching this. I think it looks a bit suspect, don't need more of them in my kingdom.

Muma has finished this but it is a secret.

At 2am muma left me in bed & got out one of her flying objects to play with. I don't understand why a cushion would be called a UFO. I don't understand why anyone would leave our snuggly bed at 2am to play with cushion in the laundry. I don't understand why muma naps when I want to be awake & is awake when it's time to nap. Muma says she is a night owl but she can't be. I checked & she's got no wings.

Now to more important things - 3 sleeps until my big birthday. Muma making me a cake, she says 'no chocolate, no sugar, no icing - maybe a tuna cake Brunnie.' I say Yum! Hun say yum! I say - maybe I share with you Hun-bun.........

Big purrs
Brunnie xx


  1. LOL....fantastic the sneaks Brunnie..

  2. Oh Brunnie, you are possibly my favourite blog cat!

  3. How sweet to hear from you little Brunnie. I hope you are giving your mum lots of happy purrs to listen to.

  4. Such an awesome post Brunnie.Your mama is a night owl, getting up at 2am to stitch, thats dedication.

  5. lol,lol,you are so funny,thankyou for the up to date news Brunnie with what is happening in your world,stay warm.xx

  6. Great to hear all is well Brunnie... you seem to have everyone well sorted out....

  7. way to go Brunnie, I do think your mumma spoils you much,cheers Vickie

  8. Great post Brunnie. You certainly look comfortable in your flannelette sheets. Watch out for that red fella. He does look a bit sus.

  9. 2am! Dedication? Madness I say :) Cerainly all cats and cat Mamas should be all snugly in bed dreaming of mouses, new fabric, butterflies, stitcheries, lounge chairs in the sun and chocolate.

    Like the look of your surprise...I have been finishing off a couple of surprises of my owm this weekend :)

    Hugs kathy

  10. Oh Brunnie you are too precious....that is horrid about the electric blanket, first they have auto shut off on our irons and now our blankets??? Sigh. Love mama's projects!

  11. So enjoyed reading from Brun's point of view. So funny although I do feel very sorry for him re electric blanket. Maybe he needs a kitty cat heat pad instead.

  12. Such a fun post, Brunnie is a great writer!!


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