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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Win From Rosie

This week I won some patterns from one of my favourite designers, Rosie Quinlan & they are here already too. The prize was three of her new Creative Cards designs for bags. I love these small projects, great for gifts & swaps and quick to get a result.

Happy Easter Gift Bag - I'll certainly be making a few of these.....

Petit Project Bag - love these colours & the stitchery design....

Naomi's Little Carry Bag, a frilling little bag ; )

Great win, thanks Rosie! xx

Brutus partook of his sardines in tomato sauce that his friend Horse gave him for his birthday. They were very well received & after Brun ate his little fill, Hun-bun scoffed the leftovers & licked the plate clean then wanted more. Horse is right, people sardines in tomato sauce rule!

Happy Sunday!
Tracee xx Brunnie xx Hun-bun xx


  1. Lots of lovely new projects there Tracee...good to hear the sardines were a hit...

  2. those will be such fun to make.... It was very kind of Brun to share special sardines with Hun-bun....

  3. You made me laugh again - looks like Horse made a great present choice. Love your pattern wins too. Hugs

  4. congrats Trace on your win,well done.Your boys are funny they proberly think they are people,lol.xx

  5. congrats on your win they are very nice patterns. Boy Brutus is always eating spoilt boy.

  6. Congrats, they are lovely patterns. Hmm, I hadn't thought of offering the cats people sardines!

  7. Very nice wins. That is one lucky cat. Look at his lovely crockery!

  8. Oooo! What fabulous wins! Woo hoo!
    Brutus looks like he is quite happy!

  9. The patterns are lovely. I was lucky enough to win too .. the Easter one is my favourite.

  10. Congratulatins! I love those prizes! Looking forward to seeing your work.

  11. What gorgeous prizes Tracee. Congratulations. I'm not so sure about the sardines...we used to have sardines with vinegar on toast for our Sunday night scratch meal when I was growing up. I loved them then but can't bring myself to try them now. At least Brun and Hon-bun seem to enjoy them :p Cheers, Tracy xx


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