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Friday, February 11, 2011

January Finishes

Gosh I am feeling all warm & fuzzy after finally getting my slideshow of Flickr images to work. It took awhile but the help function got me on the right track. Don't you love it when they write in point form in language us non-IT people can understand & follow!

I haven't had a roaring start to the year craftwise but do have some finished projects so here's an update;

 A nice fluffy scarf & matching flower brooch. I knitted this while in New Zealand, perfect knitting weather compared to Perth in January.

Bunny Stuffie from 'Stuffie Play by Melly & Me. My first fully hand stitched project. It just shows what you will do when away from your sewing machine in order to finish a project.

The suck test & seal of approval by beautiful 6 month old cousin Ayanna

Angel Girl Stuffie from 'Stuffie Play by Melly & Me

I also did 3' Life is Beautiful' stitcheries so life was....

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. wow look at your blog this sure have got into it..........nice projects finished........have fun.......

  2. I just love those stuffies!!! And looks as though they passed the test!! Well done, karen

  3. Hi Tracee i am also knew to blogging about 6 weeks now and i joined the blogging world also to join a sewing group which hasnt started up yet,it is the 25 day advent group as i love xmas and i was so inspired when i seen all the lovely things that people were making.So have fun you will get to meet so many lovely people.
    cheers Sheryl

  4. Hello and welcome to blogland ... you'll have a wonderful time.
    Lovely finished for January.

  5. It is so nice to have new blogger... Welcome you will get the hang of it in no time. I like your toys that you have made.

  6. Those stuff and plays are so cute! I want to get some patterns ordered soon!!

  7. Hey there Tracee...welcome to the SAL group and to blogging! Looks like you have it all worked out, your blog is looking great! Great to have another Perth girl stitching along :)

  8. Welcome to blogland and SAL! Your stitched toys are so cute too!

  9. Welcome Tracee :)
    Your blog looks great! I look forward to many more visits!
    Love your "stuffies" and they even have the seal of approval from Ayanna!!
    Have fun :)

  10. Wellcome to blog writing... it is lovely to read you... congrats on the Flickr... I am most impressed....
    The stitched toys are wonderful...

  11. Hi, Tracee! Welcom in the blogger's world! I will be with you in the new stitching along! Have a good "journey" and fun! :)

  12. Welcome to Blogland! Your stitching project looks it got the "suck it and see" seal of approval.

  13. Cute Stuffies! And welcome to the blogging world. It's a great place to be!

  14. Love your stuffies...super cute & beautifully stitched!


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