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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Beginning To Feel A Lot like Christmas....

Looks like most of us are busy Christmas crafting, either for swaps, for friends & family or to decorate for Christmas ourselves.

Last night I started a new stitchery (no I haven't finished all the others, yes the one I was doing is for a swap too & I will get back to it) as I couldn't resist the free Christmas Tag patterns Bronwyn Hayes from Red Brolly posted as a freebie yesterday.

Here's my effort during 3 hours of Criminal Minds last night (I did wander off & look at real estate for awhile too...).

If you haven't been to the Red Brolly blog, click here to go check out the four designs & download your own copy.

I have also finished a lovely Christmas tablerunner - so happy & bright, 1 for me & 1 for a swap.

It's gorgeous with the yo-yos at each end. I made mine with the large Clover Yo-Yo maker & they were superfast to make. (do you like my new polka dot slippers for summer?).

This pattern is called 'Believe' by Marg Low. I first noticed it here on Barb's blog, made in the very pretty Quite Contrary range of fabrics. I knew it would be the perfect pattern for my swap partner so asked about it & before I knew it the original pattern was in my letterbox.

What a sweet & kind thing to do.  So to continue in that spirit, if you would now like this gorgeous pattern, the first to say so in a comments will get it. Let me know you want it & I will reply asking for your mailing address & post tomorrow. There will be plenty of time to still make this up for this Christmas or ones to follow.
The boys had a lovely evening last night. First Hun-bun basked in the last rays of sunshine on top of the reticulation valves ....
Then it was heads down & tails up for a fish dinner. Yes, that is a towel under their bowls, they are very messy eaters especially Hun-bun who sometimes likes to trial his food on the tip of his paw, if OK he eats it from there, if not, he shakes his paw & puts sticky bits everywhere. Brunnie is just regular old man messy.
Then they were joined in mutual admiration for the gas fire. Fancy a 30+ day in Perth cooling down enough for jumper & socks for me & the gas fire on half for the boys.
This is about the closest I have ever seen my boys, they are not ones to snuggle together, much to my dismay. It was a little too close for Brutus's likely, Hun-bun has just closed his eyes after giving Brunnie a bit of a swipe across the back of his head - he can be a little bu**er that Hun-Bun!
Happy Sunday!
Tracee xx


  1. your runner looks fantastic trace,love the colours and your boys are very cute,oh i already have this pattern thankyou.xx

  2. Your boys make me laugh so much. Reminds me so much of my boys. The swipe across the head particularly.Loving the table runner too. Had just this minute downloaded the wee tags - aren't they too cute!

  3. And I would just love the pattern thank you Tracee.

    1. Pattern is headng home to NZ to Kate! Brilliant.

  4. great Christmas stitching Tracee. Love the pic of hun-bun catching the rays. Lol.

  5. gorgeous table mat and I've been a bit slow on the pattern front too lol. Love the look of those tags too. Will be back to download them tomorrow

  6. Love your christmas runner. Nice fabrics you used..
    Thanks for the tags link. I have downloaded them

  7. Those fuzzy ones are just so precious to me! That table mat makes me smile big. Such pretty colors! Like candy. :)

  8. Im going to start bronwyns xmas tags as soon as I finish my secret sewing, and I like your colourway much better than the muted colours on the table runner....ssshh dont tell Marg lol

  9. I love your sewing. The tags are cute. The cats look very comfortable. Funny how they can sleep close together when they have to share the heat. Some winter mornings all four of the cats would lie around me on the bed.


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