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Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekends With Brunnie =^..^=

It's a CATastophe friends! Things going pear shaped for Hun-bun & Brunnie!

Muma got out the suitcase. Brunnie say 'where we going muma?

'I'm going to Ballarat', muma says. What muma mean she going to Ball-a-rat - without Brunnie!

Hun-bun says 'don't panic old Brun cat, Dad's cat sitting'. Brunnie say 'but why muma going to Ball-a-rat, you brought muma a rat Hun-bun not many sleeps ago & muma not even like the rat, so why she want to go Ball-a-rat?'

Muma say 'Don't worry Brunnie, Pop look after you & Hun-bun and muma go to a town called Ballarat & visit with Aunty Shez & Aunty Melody'. Ahhhhh that will make muma purr seeing Aunty Shez & Aunty Melody, makes more sense to Brunnie now.

But why Brunnie not going to Ball-a-rat to see Aunty Shez, Aunty Melody & the girly whirlies??? Why Brunnie have to stay with Hun-bun & have no muma to snuggle with at night......

Brunnie leave a little parcel of fur in the zipper to remind muma of me while she away. Brunnie say 'hurry home muma & bring me a present!'

Heavy sigh...
Brunnie xx


  1. Oh Brunnie please let your muma come and visit because I am so excited about seeing her

  2. Poor Brunnie, Pop will look after you and Mumma will be home soon. Have a great time Tracee!

  3. Have a wonderful time Tracee. Sorry I can't make it and get to meet you in person. Maybe next time!

  4. oh Brunnie you are so funny,we will send muma back i promise,cant wait to meet you Trace.xx

  5. LOL poor babies. Enjoy your time in Ballarat!

  6. Another great kitty post Tracee!
    Have a Fantastic time away, and it will be so great to meet your friends.... Woo Hoo!!♥

  7. Have a great trip Tracee and say hi to Melody and Shez. hugs

  8. It's me - Stumpy. I know the dreaded suit case. Mum has to keep hers locked in the spare room when she packs for a trip but when she comes home I sit on all the new fabrics and make them ready to put in the cupboard.

  9. Cute post, poor Brunnie! Looks like you had a fab time though!

  10. Awww Brunnie ... you always make me smile :)


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