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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mirror Mirror....

Mirror Mirror on the wall (couch - doesn't sound right), whose the prettiest mirror of them all???

You are! My flowery, metally, creamy beauty!

My latest op shop buy - a massive 29 x 33 inches (74 x 84 cm) including the tin frame. The mirror itself is 20 x 16 inches (50 x 40 cms). All that loveliness for $50. In case you are a local & wondering, it was from Good Sammys in Balcatta.

That's me waving hi to you all as I take the picture too!

Now can I find a place for it in my suburban double brick & tile, just like all the others in the suburbs, Perth home - highly unlikely. It may have to be safely packed away in to the country farmhouse pile just waiting for the day we find our dream home......

WANTED - Weatherboard Farmhouse in Tasmania or Victoria - old, big rooms, 3 bedrooms +, preferably some of the work like rewiring & replumbing done, very happy to decorate and gut & replace bathroom & kitchen. Must have a second lounge room, separate studio or massive bedroom suitable for sewing room. Preferably on the outskirts of town, in a small town or rurally. Quilt shop & beautiful quilty bloggy friends not too far away would be a huge bonus too. I'll keep looking......

Here's my long time favourite from the Huon Valley in Tassie. It's perfect but a bit of a worry when it comes to getting work that far from Hobart - I can't see myself doing that well in a salmon factory, unless they want someone to keep a spreadsheet on the number of fish. Then again maybe it's a little too perfect, wonderfully renovated with great taste but harder to stamp my chaotic style on. I still wonder if something less perfect, with surface renovations left to do would be better for me to run amuk in..... So many choices.....

Pic from Homelands Real Estate

Now to go stare at my mirror some more, on an angle so I'm not just having to stare at myself!

Happy days!
Tracee xx


  1. Is that house still for sale? You need to find a cute little cottage just out of Launceston so we can visit regularly.

    Beautiful mirror to.

  2. Dreams are good to have.... I hope yours come true.... fantastic mirror and if you can't find space I will look after it for you????!!!

  3. beautiful mirror Trace,love it and gee its getting closer now.xx

  4. Gorgeous mirror... what a bargain find. Hope you find your perfect country home to put it in. Why oh why did you put up a link to that lovely house. I've been drooling over it all afternoon when I should have been stitching.

  5. Gorgeous house. When we win tatts we will be in Tassie before you can blink lol. There are some gorgeous places around Echuca, Victoria and also try Bendigo as it is only 90 mins from Melbourne. Seriously come live here on the river.

  6. I'm sure that something will pop up in the house sector the wanted one sounds perfect.

  7. That mirror is GORGEOUS. I hope you find your dream house!

  8. What a good find, your mirror is gorgeous!


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