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Thursday, November 29, 2012

SSCS Decoration

Hi all

While it is steaming hot over the Eastern States of Australia, Perth is having rain, hail, storms and cool nights. The hail stones almost made it look like snow last Saturday.

Now we have had storms for the last two days again & last night while I was finishing my last Christmas Angel swap present, we had a blackout. Even that couldn't stop me getting those last stitches done & I'm sure many a quilter in days gone by has stitched and tea dyed their work by lamplight only.

I have received my SSCS swap from a blogger new to me, Michell from Michell's Place in New Zealand. Michell has a lovely festive blog going at the moment so pop over & visit.
I have put my main SSCS pressie away for Christmas & opened my very large decoration present. It would be best described as a present extravaganza!

Not only is there a gorgeous little gingerman decoration but also a ceramic snowman decoration, a kitty tea bag holder (purrfect!), some embossed Christmas gift tags, a box of 25 kitty Christmas cards (even more purrfect!!) and a culturally Kiwiana New Zealand 2013 Calendar. Being Kiwi born I love having Kiwi calendars in my house & this one is gorgeous. Totally beyond spoilt I say!

Thanks very much to Michell for my lovely gifts, can't wait to open the sewn gift too.

I see I have just ticked over 100 followers too. I was planning to have a giveaway when that happened but with work tomorrow, payroll & paying accounts for the club I do Treasurer for tomorrow night and then flying out on holiday for a week first thing Saturday morning, I will have to leave it until when I come back. Thanks though to all those who have signed up as followers, those dear friends who comment on my posts & the readers who I hope will become followers, commenters & friends in the future. Watch this space in a couple of weeks time for a close to Christmas giveaway! 

Happy swapping!
Tracee xx


  1. Hope alls well with you now after the big storm. Power outages are the norm on the block sew we have a generator at the ready at all times. Pleased you could still still by lamplight.
    You did receive beautiful gifts from you SSCS partner.
    Congratulations on your 100 followers.

  2. OMG Tracee hasn't it been terrible?! I hope your home is ok. That was very determined of you to stitch & dye by torch-light!
    We have had some significant garden breakage, but fortunately not lost power.
    The gifts from your SSCS are just lovely!
    Well Done on your 100 Followers, I glad to be one of them, and I'm sure that the time will come when we meet face-to-face, being that we live virtually in the same city!!

  3. Trace you need a miner's light,i am amazed at what you did in the dark,glad you didnt stand on the boys,lovely parcel from Michell.Hope to see you sunday if not early monday,how many sleeps now,lol.xx

  4. Stitching by torch light. Now that's dedication for you! Congratulations on 100 followers. You're now up to 101! I've been following you for quite a while but realised I hadn't signed up! So congratulations on 101 followers!

  5. Waow !! fabulous gifts !!

  6. those storms have been glad you got some lovely pressies ... have a lovely break...

  7. Enjoy catching up with "friends". Give her a hug from me... :)

  8. Congratulations on your followers! I'm happy to be one of them! All those pressies are fabulous!

  9. Oh my, I just started following you two days ago, so I guess I am at least number 99?


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