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Saturday, November 17, 2012

FNSI - Mini Madness!

Hi all

Last night was the Friday Night Sew In for this month. I used this time to do some minimal quilting & then the borders of my Christmas Mini Swap pressie.
I think it turned out quite a treat & here it is on my special 'Merry Christmas' mini stand.

This is one of Nancy Halverson for Art To Heart designs from her Be Attitudes applique quilt. I love Nancy's design & fabric. Most of the fabrics used are Nancy's designs too. I have gathered little bits over the years as I find them from her Star of Wonder & Angels Amongst Us ranges so this is the first thing I have made with them.
My last task to finish this last night was just a touch of blusher to give Santa rosie cheeks. I hope he like mineral makeup?

Now I wonder whose place he will be winging his way to on Monday? I'll give you a hint - he's travelling East. Considering I live about 3 kilometres from the Indian Ocean on the West Coast that doesn't rule many of you out..... Oh well, I guess everyone who hasn't yet received their mini is watching for our friend, the postie.
I am one person who is not watching for the postie. My mini arrived nice & early on Thursday. I held off opening it until today. My partner for this swap is Marie from Life On The Block here in rural WA. We haven't met before so yippee a new blog to read.
Look at my lovely wrapping....
And yes, that Partride in a Pear Tree is fabric - yah!
Marie included a great shopping list - she must have sensed my love for lists..... Today I have made a sewing list, a Christmas list, a blog post list, a jobs for over the Christmas break list & a cleaning / chores list - see, I said I loved them! Loving that backing fabric too...
And here it is & that gorgeous pressies fabric is on the front as well as the back.
The stitchery presents & Christmas tree have gorgeous sparkly little beads on them too. A bit of Chrissie bling..
Here it is all set up for Christmas display...
Thank you Marie, it's a beautiful mini & I will love displaying it for Christmas!
Thanks to Cheryll from Gone Stitchin, who is a brilliant swap mama & has hosted 4 wonderful mini swaps this year. I hope we are on again for next year Chez!
It was another successful Friday Night Sew In too. If you go to Heidi's blog Handmade by Heidi, you can link through to 115 blogs whose creators were taking part, many from Aussie too.
Now I am going to attempt to take my washing machine apart. Get the washing machine guy on speed dial I hear you say! Maybe... I googled the error message so have a few things to check first to get it spinning & draining again, then maybe I will ring the wm guy.....
Happy sewing.
Tracee xx


  1. Both minis are gorgeous and I love your Christmas stand! Your table runner is beautiful too.

  2. Your santa mini is so cute. Love his cheeks. The mini you got from Marie is lovely. I love your mini table frame too. Marie's blog is one I have been visiting for a while now.

  3. Gorgeous work on your Santa mini - he's make up looks perfect.

    Pretty mini you received from Maria to decorate your stand this Christmas.


  4. Beautiful little minis. I love Art to Heart designs.
    Good luck with the washing machine.

  5. Delighted you are happy with your mini Tracee.Loved stitching it.. Sew your beautiful Mini is not going up the North coast to the Block..the recipient over East will love it.

  6. wow what a gorgeous mini you made Tracee,oh maybe he is heading my way,love your header i havent seen that one before,i also love the mini that Maria sent sent you and how lovely to have it wrapped in gorgeous fabric.xx
    ps 14 more sleeps.xx

  7. Very productive Tracee! Love your minis! Maybe yours is heading over to me :)

  8. Two beautiful minis. I am still waiting for mine ..... could it be? :o0 Best of Luck with the washing machine. hugs

  9. Gorgeous minis, Tracee. Friday night sew sounds wonderful (that probably means I'm old, but I'm too old to care lol!) I'm hosting the annual Christmas Bee Party again this year. It's so much fun. Last year everything was handmade, this year... not so much! I had better get busy. Take care,

    Susan in Texas (actually in Louisiana again this weekend)

  10. both mini quilts are just fantastic... Nancy's designs are always fun.... clever you for taking one and using it in the mini...

  11. Oh the mini you have made...and what Maria has made for you is gorgeous....this has been such a fun swap, finishing mine off today...

  12. Beautiful mini quilts both of them, I love your christmas stand, it looks fantastic with the quilts hanging from it.

  13. Both mini's are so gorgeous. Maybe your Santa mini is heading my way!

  14. You are all soooo clever... great swap

  15. Gorgeous minis! Now I hope you fixed your washing machine fixed too. If it is a F&P it will be very expensive! We ditched our 5 year old machine and got a basic Simpson and haven't had any issues for about 10 years now just in case you are in the market for a new one. Mind you I don't think the F&P coped very well with years of washing cloth nappies lol.

  16. Lovely mini's, very festive ! Love the wrapping :) There are loads of us Aussies taking over FNSI !

  17. Hello Tracee,

    A lovely post, lots of beautiful quilting happening in your part of the world.

    Happy days.

  18. Two fabulous mini quilts - how wonderful. PS I am so excited. I saw Shez yesterday and I get to meet you in December. I am so excited. Big hugs.

  19. I love your new Christmas mini, Maria did a great job & it looks just darling on your fantastic hanger!

  20. Ohh loving your Santa mini!!! Maria made a nice one too.


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