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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Finish For Secret Santa at Work

We have a secret santa swap at work too & unless I am stumped as to a great gift to make that my partner will appreciate, I try to make this one too so it can be personal & one of a kind.

My partner this year was Carol, a beautiful lady who manages our indigineous playgroups for some school funding. The success stories that have come out of these groups make me realise how little I know about how some people just get by in our affluent society. She is rightly proud of her heritiage & having seen lots of beautiful aboriginal fabrics in the past, I wanted to make her something using some. As she flew off to France (including Paris!) on Friday to meet up with her daughter who is on a student exchange there, I thought a bag would be just the go.

I had come across a very handy pattern called the 12 Pocket Bag on the blog of SewCalGal. It has handles made of webbing so is very sturdy & able to hold a good load too. My bags always seem to be overloaded & weigh a tonne so I like that in a tote bag. The instructions made me think a little but I haven't made many bags so that is not a reflection on the pattern & I eventually did the lining slightly different so it was boxed like the outer bag.
I went to 2 shops for fabric & Murphy's law, all the beautiful fabric I had seen had disappeared in to others stash's at home. After much digging I finally found this dot painting one in the $6 pile at Spotlight (the Joondalup store sould really do with a good cleanup in the quilt material section!).

Unfortunately on the day the gifts were given out I was at my quilting group's Christmas party so didn't get to see Carol open it but was told she loved it & was taking it away with her - yippeee!

I can assure you it doesn't take very long to make. After having had a busy week I started sewing on Wednesday after the Calsthenics AGM at 11pm. I had cut the fabric one night previous when I couldn't sleep but ended up recutting the dot print fabric as it was printed on a very obvious angle (not so obvious when I originally cut it at 3am one morning!). It was finished & in it's Santa bag by 1.30am ready for giving the next day.

I can see me making this up again in so many different fabrics & have a couple of colour requests from workmates already. Time will tell whether there luck is in or not!

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. what a lovely bag Tracee,you are very good at making bags,i love mine and take it everywhere and i have had so many people remark on it and even my girlfriend who is an excellant sewer commented on how well it was made,so anyone that gets a bag from you is very lucky Tracee.xx

  2. That is so darling!! I love webbing handles too, my bags haul library books so I need them, lol! Love the fabric!

  3. nice bag tracee......merry christmas mate

  4. Love the bag Tracee... of course she loved it and will use it lots...
    Happy Christmas..

  5. That's beautiful fabric that you used, and a very nice bag. I hope Carol loves it for years to come.

  6. Gorgeous bag Tracee, you are a whizz.

  7. Tracee, your bag is absolutely perfect.


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