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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photos of Christmas Past - Join In!

I thought it might be fun if we dug out some photos of Christmas's past either of ourselves or the kids, other family, precious pets, what ever you like.

Here's a couple of mine;

Thats me in the middle in the very fashionable 'Holly Hobby' dress at about 7 years of age in 1973 with two of my precious cousins who would have been about 3 & 4 at the time. I can't quite work out why we had that little tree behind us as from memory it was taken at my Aunty & Uncles place where there was always a live Christmas tree that reached from the floor to the top of their 20 foot ceiling. Maybe it was just a filler in a spare corner. Our Christmas's were magic & we were totally surrounded by family, great food & lots of love. I loved that dress!

Easy to tell when this was, 1974, aged 8 in McKays Department store in Nelson, New Zealand. Thank goodness the pudding bowl haircut had departed but the ample sprinkling of freckles were still with me. Holly Hobby was but a memory & I had started in to my 'blue' clothes phase to match my eyes. Poor Santa's looking a bit jaded, no doubt thinking 'oh no, not the bigger kids, me knees are killing me already!' I imagine that was about when I kicked the sitting on Santa's knee habit too.

So how about you - any fashionable secret santa sessions to share with us? Type your details in to Mr Linky so we can all come visit & share in some Christmas cheer. This is my first time using Mr Linky so let me know if any problems, it's been another learning curve!

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. So fun seeing you as a littlie... I will try and dig out some pictures... not sure what I have!!
    I will come back and look at others anyhow...

  2. What a great idea Tracee,sad but i have none,i lost all my pics when my tower crashed a couple of weeks ago

  3. I need to go were super cute...and i remember when Holly Hobby was the height of fashion!

  4. What a great idea. You were a very cute little kid. I'm not at home at the moment, so can't join in but I do hope lots and lots play along.

  5. I love your photos of Christmas past...real treasures for your family and I am so glad you have wonderful memories too.

  6. The Santa photos are so Christmas :) We usually take a group photo with everyone holding a gift they got. Corny but fun.


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