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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Machine Quilting Online Course

First an update - thanks for the lovely comments & emails re my 'little man' Brutus. It looks like the news is all good & maybe he just had an abscess on his face. The swelling is reducing along with his lion looks & his eye has gone back to oval rather than round which is good as it was very freaky to look at.

Sticking so close to home & being a purrer not a fighter in his later years it has been a long time since he has suffered an abscess. Maybe he & his little 'big' brother got a little boisterous in one of their play fights & he got a nick on his little face. So at the moment no surgery or growths to worry about - yippee! He is currently having a nice nap on the bed, electric blanket on 1, in the far corner trying to get as far as possible away from the ducted air-conditioning while I try to sit under a vent to avoid the 33 degrees + Perth is having again today.

So back to the Machine Quilting Course mentioned in the heading. I would love to be able to finish my smaller items myself, like table runners, wall hanging etc but even after doing a 3 hour group workshop just don't feel confident enough to do so. I keep telling myself to practice but like most things, it is when I have a postal deadline that I suddenly want to be able to finish a project with some semi-professional looking machine quilting & can't.

So when an email from Craftsy popped up in my inbox for an online course at half price I decided to check it out. There looks to be about 5 hours of online video that I can go back to time & time again as well as access to the teacher Wendy Butler Berns & an online forum. All this for $29.99 USD.

It's the fact I can go back as many times as I like, repeat sections or the whole lot until I am confident that gives me hope this might work for me. So this is my plan for over the Christmas break. My company closes for 2.5 weeks so on a regular basis it will be aircon on, fabric I no longer adore sandwiched & ready to destroy, machine ready, bobbins filled & away we go. If I can produce one little mug rug in that time with machine quilting I am proud to show you all then it will be time & money well spent. I know I am not alone in this phobia so check out the course preview by clicking on the link above.

I've had a bummer of a week! I've done my civic duty doing four days of jury duty but while the process was interesting the actual case was my worst nightmare. Even the judge said it was the worst of cases - multiple child abuse charges over four victims, the earliest 50 years ago, the latest 26 years ago, lots of detailed testimony from the women involved who at the time were between 5 - 11 years of age, an 84 year old defendant with only his wife to testify for him and no other evidence either way other than police and their interview videos. Fortunately the interviews were damning although the defendant denied everything. After 5 hours of deliberation we found him guilty of all 11 charges. Now it just feels like it will take quite awhile for the nastiness to leave my mind & body. What annoys me is why am I feeling worried about such an old man going to jail, or his wife who was knowledgeable of the offenses being left alone, missing their 60th wedding anniversary etc. It makes no sense but I guess it's a lot different when its actual people rather than just the concept.

On a positive note, I told the two furboys on Thursday morning that mum would need lots of extra attention that night as I was bound to be upset by our final day in court. So Hun-bun who avoids my bed as it is closely guarded Brutus territory has come on the bed with me each night since, lay across me & had a cuddle for about an hour. Bless his little heart, but my 7kg donkey cat is heavy, though I have enjoyed every minute of it & Brutus has let it happen.

Brutus, who always sleeps beside me had his own quirky way of alieviating the tension for me. I went straight to bed when I got home Thursday night & watched episodes of True Blood on DVD to try & stop thinking about it (Vampires always help!). Brutus came up to nap beside me & every time I looked at him he winked at me, which cracked me up. This went on for hours & I even checked his eyes for something irritating them but he was OK. Even now as I type this & am getting upset again, he has come out of the bedroom & is sitting beneath my office chair leaning on my leg. Bless my little fur angels! And thank goodness there is now a rule that you only have to do jury duty every 5 years. I love crime fiction but I really don't want to hear sordid & sad details like that again.

Some nice binding to be stitched later tonight & two more True Blood episodes to watch. Looking forward to a normal, happy work week to come & lots of evening stitching.

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. Oh what a horrid case for you to have to do Tracee - I can only imagine how hard it is emotionally .. for you but also for those who had to suffer ..
    Enjoy your stitching .... think nice thoughts...

  2. Hi Tracee,
    Just got my lap top back minus all my blog friends so slowly finding everybody sorry to hear about Brutas glad it worked out well for you.

  3. Tracee, I am so sorry that you had to go through that...glad that you talked it 'over' with us though, maybe that will help..
    I love the photo of your beautiful kitty.. glad he is okay...

  4. What a horrible case for you Tracee. Glad it's all over now. I do understand what you are saying about worrying about an old man going to jail, missing their 60th wedding anniversary etc. The ability to see both sides is sometimes not an easy cross to bear.
    Let me know what the Craftsy courses are like. I am always getting their offers but I haven't taken the plunge yet. Take care x x

  5. The course sounds like fun...good luck! Glad your boys are mindful of your needs...jury duty and seeing the nastier side of human nature definitely needs a cuddle!

  6. What a terrible time you have been through. I'm so glad your little fur babies are always there for you.

  7. Your boys sound gorgous Tracee....and yes...pets DO know what we're going through and talking about! My dog 'found' a wallet I had been looking for and 'told' me about it after I vocalised not knowing where it was.....they're not just 'dumb animals'!!!!
    Don't stress over the hint I've discovered is roll your shoulders and let them drop before you start......tension makes them pull upwards and stitching becomes very jerky then....relax, relax, relax...give yourself permission to make some mistakes and keep going! You'll make it, I'm sure!
    thanks for visiting my blog too.....I've loved visiting yours and I've become a follower so I can keep up!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)


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