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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Paws is Coming to Our House.....

Santa Paws is due at our house in 9 sleeps my time, about 47 sleeps according to the furboys. The outcome doesn't look good judging by the look on his face above but maybe Santa Paws should take into account what Brutus & Honey have done with their Christmas money this year.

A week ago on Facebook we saw a story about a privately run cat shelter in Milwaukee that is now home to Daniel, a stray brought to the shelter who has 26 toes, 8 more than our normal furbabies. The shelter was run in a shopping centre ( a very strange concept to us in Australia) and their rent was to be doubled in January so they urgently needed to raise funds to secure a new home and to continue rescuing cats & kittens. The shelter takes in animals that would otherwize be euthanised then works to find them a loving forever home.

Daniel, happy & healthy, just with more toes than usual.

They came up with a brilliant marketing plan, asking cat lovers the world round to donate $26, one dollar for each of Daniel's toes. By 9th December they had raised about $50,000 from Daniel's donations & $45,000 in the four days since the news coverage. Now with other donations $120,000 has been raised & they have found a new home. Naturally the need is ongoing year round so donations are still being gladly accepted for any amount on their website.

Brutus & Honey-bun donated their $26 between them so know Christmas pressies will be a bit leaner this year but can be proud they have helped less fortunate kitties to have a Merry Christmas & hope for the years to come. Daniel was going to be adopted out but is now the mascot for the shelter & has found his forever home helping other abandoned kitties.

Here's Daniel's official Christmas Photo, waiting for Santa Paws to visit him & his shelter kitties

So if you have happy & healthy furbabies in your life, consider making a donation to others as a show of thanks for our lives being so blessed. Donations can be money but also time, food, unwanted items for charity shops or supplies used in the shelters. Also consider buying gifts from that on offer for friends & families furbabies year round so the shelters can put the profits to work for them.

For RSPCA Australia who saves all feathered, furred & other animals donate here.

For Cat Rescue Australia you can Donate here.

Or search for your local charities, ours in Perth is The Cat Haven, donate here.

& not forgetting our canine cuties, there is Pet Rescue to donate to here or in Perth the Dog Rescue to donate here.

If you are not a domestic pet person & love our native animals, they need help too especially now we are in bush fire season so you can donate to Native Animal Rescue WA here or search for one applicable to your state.

Another one of my favourites, Save The Tasmanian Devil Program you can donate to here.

For our canine cuties reading this (haha!), don't worry there is a special Santa Paws coming to you too & he looks much friendlier than the kitty Santa Paws.

Enjoy Christmas 2011 with your Family, friends & furbabies
Tracee xx Brutus xx & Honey-bun xx


  1. what a lovely thing to do Brutus and honey bun,i am sure santa paws will visit both you good cats.xx

  2. What a lovely story. Brutus and Honey are certainly on the nice list.

  3. As a forever cat lover, I love this post Tracee.. what a beautiful story.. xx

  4. I agree great post must be proud of your fur babies...

  5. How sweet of Bruts and Honey to donate to such a good cause. I'm in love with Daniel!!!


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