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Thursday, December 29, 2011

SSCS Swap Parcel I Received

At last Christmas Day came & it was time to open the Secret Santa Christmas Swap pressies. From my partner Kristi from kj's Weblog in the USA I received a gorgeous Pincushion Organiser & Zipped Pencil Case. Kristi can obviously tell I need to be a bit more orgnised & tidy - just kidding, but it's so true.

In her letter Kristi told me when she saw the fabric Whiskers & Tails that she knew it was just perfect for me. And she was right, totally PURRRRRFECT!

It includes a pincushion on the top & a woollen piece for needles, a nice pocket where I can put my sewing needles to remind me to change them more often, a pocket for scissors & the quick-unpick, both which Kristi included in my gift. Hanging down is the very important bin for my errant threads & off cuts. I am going to put all my tracing pens, Frixion pens & glue pens in the pencil case so I am not looking all over the place for them like now.

A gorgeous & useful gift that will be put to work by my sewing machine for many years to come. I had one down on my to do list too so now can rule that one off. Thanks very much Kristi, an awesome gift. xx

Happy New Year to all!
Tracee  xx  Brutus  xx  Hun-bun  xx


  1. oh that's a great organiser present........thanks for being part of the SSCS.......

  2. what beautiful gifts to receive Tracee.xx

  3. Awesome organiser.... and i love the fabric....

  4. Hi Tracee - I see your putting your organizer to good use. I'm going to have to make one for myself. Happy New Year! Kristi


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