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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tuesday Treasures..

Here's a treasure I never expected to have.

This year I commenced doing the accounts & Treasurers role for a Calisthenics Club where a friend & work mate is the Co-President. In August each year a Family Concert is held where all the age groups from 4 years old to adult perform their competition routines for family & friends. It was my first time watching & it was stunning. I was so proud & the tinies made me cry they were so cute, especially when they tried to skip across the stage & curtsey when introduced. That skipping sure is the hardest steps to master.

The funniest thing ever though was to happen straight after interval. I was helping clean up after we served refreshments to VIP guests when I was told 'Tracee, your wanted on the stage'. I burst out laughing & said 'no, I'm not!' To which I was told firmly but politely to get my self in to that auditorium & up on that stage NOW. After all those pretty wee things that I had watched earlier, I was wondering what on earth is going on?

Anyway, accompanied by a bad case of the shakes, I did enter the auditorium to hear a President speaking about my dedication to the club even though I don't have kids involved. Eventually I did manage to get up on to the stage & was presented with the Presidents Award for 2011 for my time & effort put into the club. It seems kind of ironic that after all the hard work put in by so many people I came home with the biggest trophy of the night. I get to keep that for a year then it goes on to the next recipient who will no doubt be less surprised than I was. The champagne flute is engraved & I get to keep that to remember the honour they bestowed on me. The flowers of course, were beautiful & much appreciated.

Join Melody at The House on The Side of The Hill for more Tuesday Treasures & join in!

Happy stitching
Tracee xx


  1. aww how nice Tracee and aren't those concerts unreal,we are going to our little 4yr olds concert this sat and it will be a sream as none of them no what they are doing,lol it will be a great night.
    Hope the furballs are treating you like royality now that you bought all these lovely trophy's home.

  2. How fabulous to be recognised like this. You are such a good person.,

  3. how wonderful Tracee, it's great that all your work was appreciated...good on you!!

  4. Ha Tracee I can imagine your surprise. My daughter did calisthenics for many years and we attended lots of these concerts. The performances are wonderful but the days are very, very long. Good on you for your volunteered hours of work.

  5. How wonderful and so nice that you have a lovely keepsake of their appreciation. Where would a lot of our kids clubs and events be with out faithful volunteers...good on YOU Tracee. Well done!

  6. Congratulations Tracee. What a great trophy!

  7. Congratulations Tracee, no one volunteers for the kudos - but it's still lovely to know you are appreciated :) Kathy
    PS - after seeing the concert, are you inspired to grab a leotard and give it a go yourself?

  8. What wonderful recognition for you and such a surprise too. Many clubs just couldn't operate without volunteers so it is lovely they acknowledged your efforts. It sounds like a fun concert.

  9. How wonderful for you and congratulations I am sure the award was much deserved !

  10. Congratulations. What a great club to involved with.


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