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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekends with Brunnie =^..^=

Hi friends

Brunnie still here - 20 years & 6 months and still going strong. Muma did say yesterday that if I didn't stop crying for food that she was going to kill me - she didn't mean it I hope & to be honest I think sometimes I forget I've already eaten. Muma remembers though, she says things like "Brunnie stop meowing, you are driving me crazy, you have had 2 breakfasts and one lot of biscuits & its not even 11am yet". I say - too late on the crazy bit muma!
Anyway, enough about muma starving Brunnie, a solution is at hand, we got MAIL! Muma loves mail, I loves mail, Hun-bun too silly to understand mail - he's a simple guy.

So mail came, a nice little box.

I looked & couldn't believe my whiskers! Was it for muma - NO! Was it for Hun-bun - highly unlikely! It was addressed to Mr Brutus Forster!

My friends at my favourite biccy makers - Purina - sent Brunnie a parcel! At first I thought it was all cardboard & writing for muma to read but on closer inspection I could small something exciting.

Purina sent Brunnie sample pack of biccies - Yahhhhhhhhhhhh! Non, nom, nom - yum, yum, yum!

Purina also sent Brunnie a toy ball of yarn made of card. Here I am playing - I am 20 & a half so I do more of stationary playing now than loopy playing like brother Hun-bun does. I's playing on the inside!

Thank you friends at Purina - it was a proud day for Brunnie!

Hope you all get happy mails too friends!
Brunnie xxx


  1. Oh too funny Tracee.... lots of giggles in this post! Thanks! :)

  2. Sp lovely that everyone is your home gets fun mail :o) hugs

  3. lol,lol,god you should be a writer you are so funny ,love this post Brunnie,thanks for making my day,lol.xx

  4. What fun mail Brunnie!!! As for forgetting about eating cats do the same, and they range in age from 3-10 years! I often tell them I'm going to start a food diary for them >^..^<

  5. Dear Brun, I have fallen in love... you are so handsome... you remind me of my Fluffa, who sadly in no longer with us.. Look after Muma, remember, she feeds you! xx

  6. Hi Brunnie.... boy do you get great mail! All we get are reminders to go for shots... yuk! You are a fine figure of a feline. Hope we look as good when we get to your age (we're almost 15). Our mum says we're going to have a 21st Birthday Party. Do you want us to throw out a few hints for you? By the way... we've heard you can never have enough breakfasts!

    Purrrrrrr...... Bagpuss and Licky Lou

  7. that is a great package you got there Brunnie, enjoy.

  8. Stationary playing, lol, that's awesome. What a fine kitty you are Brunnie!

    Take care now,
    Susan in Texas

  9. Tracee you are so funny!
    Good thing Brunee is not too nimble, or else you would never get as many great pics of him, lol...

  10. Well Brutus, I guess if you can write your own blog I am not surprised that you also get mail addressed to you. Say hi to Tracee.


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